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Authors: Tymber Dalton
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Contemporary, Adult
motion. She heard and felt a distinctive pop.
    “Ah! Oh, baby, do that again,” Tyler groaned against the bed.
    Nevvie laughed, but something in his voice and the combined feel of the men’s bodies started a deep throbbing between her legs. To have them, even like this, was a dream come true.
    Thomas showed her different ways to use her thumbs, how to shift her weight to her hands, where the muscles and vertebrae were and how to trace them with her fingers. Between the feel of his arms and hands over hers, and her hands on Tyler, she could barely speak.
    Tyler didn’t complain, happily groaning and melting into the mattress. He sighed when they climbed off him fifteen minutes later.
    “I’m not moving. That was heavenly,” he mumbled into the bed.
    Thomas swatted him on the ass. “Get up. You’ve got an early flight tomorrow. Lots to do.”
    Tyler groaned. “You can’t make me.”
    “You agreed to speak at that conference. I bet you don’t even have your speech notes printed yet.”
    She smiled at their repartee, enjoyed seeing them like this.
    “Fuck you, Thomas,” he muttered from the bed.
    Thomas grinned and swatted his ass again. “Promises, promises.”
    Sitting on her knees at the end of the bed, Nevvie laughed out loud.
    Thomas looked at her. “Oh, you think that’s funny, do you, sugar?”
    She nodded, unable to contain her giggles. Thomas grabbed her around the waist and tickled her, pulling her down to the bed as she screamed with laughter. Tyler looked over, realized he was missing out, and started in on her too. A few minutes later she begged for mercy. The men relented, and she laid there gasping and giggling, looking up at them.
    Then, realizing this was her new life, she burst into tears.
    The men exchanged a worried look. Thomas reached for her, gathering her into his arms. “I’m sorry, I thought—”
    “No, it was fun.” She cried on his shoulder and felt Tyler press against her back, his arms around them. “I’m happy,” she assured them.
    “Overwhelmed?” Tyler asked.
    “Yeah. In a good way.” She finally relaxed between them. “You guys have no idea how much you mean to me.” She took a deep breath and sat up, wiping her eyes. “Happy tears, I swear.”
    Tyler kissed her forehead. “Good. We want to keep you happy. There’s no better sound in the world than your laughter, pet.” He reached for his coffee and took a sip. “I guess you’re right, I need to get moving.” He looked at Nevvie. “I don’t want you left alone while I’m gone, sweetheart. Not this soon.” Left unsaid, the men’s worry that Alex might somehow track her to their house.
    “She can go to work with me tomorrow, it’s Friday. You feel up to learning that end of the business?”
    She smiled. “That sounds good.”
    “Great. I know Tyler likes to hog you.”
    “Balderdash!” Tyler winked at Nevvie.
    “Well, you do, Ty,” Thomas said with a wicked grin that belied his words.
    Nevvie laughed. “You guys are too funny.”
    Thomas stood and helped her up. “Ty won’t be back till Monday, you can go in with me then, too.”
    “Take her by the insurance agent tomorrow, get her added to our policy, and her health insurance,” Tyler said as he climbed out of bed. “Oh, and a cell phone, definitely handle that. Will you have time to get her a car this weekend?”
    “Don’t you want to help?”
    Tyler looked disgusted. “Since when am I a help shopping for cars?”
    “Good point.”
    She laughed again and the boys looked at her. “You want another tickling, young lady?” Thomas warned in a playful voice. She clapped a hand over her mouth and shook her head. His next question was to Tyler. “Which account for the car?”
    “Use the money market account, checkbook’s in my desk drawer.” He took his mug and walked to the bathroom, stretching and flexing his back. “Damn, you guys can rub my back like that every morning if you wish. That was simply amazing.” He closed the door

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