The Bond That Consumes Us

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Authors: Christine D'Abo
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance
Damara and not eat. We have some of the best chefs in the universe.”
    Before she knew what he was doing, Taber reversed the tug and pulled her by her hand inside his room. In a blink she found herself pressed against the wall. The door shut, giving them total seclusion with no chance of Tony or anyone else interrupting them.
    Taber’s hips were pressed against hers, he held her wrists, pressing them against the wall.
    “Why are you here, Fallon?”
    “God I love it when you say my name.”
    “Why…are you here?”
    She tried to pull her hands free so she could touch him, but he stopped her. Giving up, she tipped her head back so she could read the emotions on his face. Unlike back in med bay, she could see his struggle over his control. The fact that he didn’t or couldn’t control himself when they were alone was a turn-on.
    “Let me touch you,” she whispered.
    “I can feel that you want me.” She rocked her hips forward. “I want you too.”
    “Fallon, no.”
    Not willing to back down, she pressed a kiss against his chest. She could feel his pounding heart through his massive ribcage. His tunic wasn’t fastened tight and she 43

    was able to nuzzle her way beneath the fabric to his skin. When she pressed her lips against the spot she’d uncovered, Taber moaned, his hips thrusting forward.
    “ Di machachta you’re going to kill me.”
    “Let me, Taber. Let me kill you with pleasure.”
    “By the goddess.”
    “ Please. ”
    His hands flew to her face and he tipped her head back. His mouth was hot, his lips demanding as he devoured her in an unrestrained kiss. Her pussy grew damp, her clit swollen as he ground his cock against her. Fallon lifted her leg, rubbing her foot along the outside of his calf. When he pressed forward, his thigh landed between her legs, allowing her to fall forward on him. Head spinning she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, tasting his exotic spice.
    Then, he pulled back, panting in deep gasping breaths. His eyes scanned her face repeatedly, as if he was checking for any damage he may have caused.
    “More,” she begged, sliding her hands around his neck and into his hair.
    He was much taller than her, which caused her body to stretch long, pressing her breasts against his chest. Taber closed his eyes and he sucked in a harsh breath.
    “If you knew what you were asking—”
    “What makes you think I don’t?”
    Taber leaned forward so the tip of his nose touched the end of hers, and opened his eyes.
    “Because if you could read my mind, you’d run from this room and wouldn’t look back.”
    She did look, not into his mind but into his eyes. The turmoil was clear, eating him alive, preventing him from moving on from whatever event had cut him so deep.
    “Is that what happened? A woman ran from you when she found out what you wanted?”
    “Not just a woman. My mate.”
    The way he said the word was so different from before. There was pain, not reverence, like she’d taken a critical part of his soul with her when she’d run. Fallon tried to pull back, but she was trapped against him.
    “You’re married?”
    “No. She died long ago.”
    God, how could she be so stupid? Taber would never cheat on his wife. She didn’t even know if Briel could cheat, with their damn biology running the show.
    “Change your mind?” his voice was a low whisper. “Ready to head back to your bar and forget me?”
    She could tell that’s what he expected her to do. But she wouldn’t, couldn’t do that to him. Sliding her hands from his hair over his shoulders down to his chest, she began 44

    to tug the tunic from his body. He pulled back enough to let her drag it off over his head.
    With his upper body completely naked now, Fallon could finally explore him the way she wanted.
    “How could any woman turn her back on you?”
    Dipping her tongue out, she licked the skin between his pecs, smiling when his muscles twitched beneath the contact. Her hands

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