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Authors: J.A. Hornbuckle
about it, she didn't give up much of her past but seemed to turn the conversation back to him every time he'd to move the spotlight to her.  Maybe she thought he was prying when he'd just been trying to get to know her better.
Ten thirty wasn't so late, he decided as he pulled up his contact list and pressed the 'call' button.
"Hey, Lulu.  It's Mel.  I didn't wake you, did I?  Good.  Just wanted to talk to you since we didn't get a chance to say much more than 'hi' today," he said, then kicking himself  because what came out of his mouth had sounded stupid upon reflection.
"It's good you called.  Lunch was kind of lonely without you."  Man, her voice sounded good.  Almost like the golden sweetness of syrup that coated your tongue as you bit into pancakes.  Warm, hot pancakes.  "How'd your day go?"
"Busy, interesting.  Glad it's over.  Yours?"  He couldn't seem to help the gravel in his voice.
"Just about the same.  So are we still on for Saturday?"  He could just imagine her slight grin and baby blues blinking as she voiced her question.
"Absolutely.  Do you have a preference for what we get up to?"  Mel recognized his double entendre but hoped she didn't.
"I was thinking, and I hope you don't think I'm being too forward, but maybe I could cook something and we could watch a movie?"
Holy shit!  Fuckin' miles better than a damn drive-in and the chance to be all up-close and personal with her the entire time?  His cock was practically screaming in complete delight behind his zipper.
"That sounds, ah, great.  How about I pick up a movie from one of those box places?  Anything in particular you wanted to see?"  Mel recognized his voice had changed, gone deeper but he just couldn't help it since it seemed to be tied to the fire she built every time he was exposed to her.
"I like anything in the action or comedy category," she said.  Did her voice sound more breathy than normal?  Or was it just the phone connection?
"Great.  What time is good for you?"  He was hoping for noon but knew that'd be impossible due to Dare's plans for him.
"Six or seven.  Or is that too late?"
"Ah.  No.  Six would be fine," he hedged almost disappointed she hadn't said five.  Five was a reasonable time to eat.
"Will you be able to get a sitter?"
That was sweet.  Her worrying about him getting his sister looked after just showed her goodness, that kernel of caring he'd felt from her at the first moment they'd met.
"I don't think I'll have any trouble but I'll let you know if I do."
"Okay.  Saturday at six.  My place." she recapped.   Her voice dropped as she added, "I'm looking forward to it, Mel."
Which cause his whole body to throb at both her words and her tone.  "Me-me, too, Lulu.  See you tomorrow?"
"I'm counting on it," she said on what sounded like a sultry whisper.
God, he was gonna come with one stroke which would happen just as soon as he disconnected and freed the snake in his pants.
"Bye, Lulu."
"See you, Mel."
He was right.  One stroke did it.  But it was the second round, accompanied by vision of her mouth, chest and sash-shaying ass that lasted a helluva a lot longer and gave him the most relief.
I'd been in an uneasy sleep when Mel called having gone to bed early with a thought that unconscious was better than worrying and pacing.  I hadn't figured on nightmares though and they chased me hard from almost the moment I closed my eyes.
But the phone conversation with him, him , had calmed me down in one way and yet had wound me up in another, more wonderful, manner. 
His voice was heaven, a deep rumbley sound that caused pulses within certain, secret places. 
Places that craved touching. 
His touches.
I actually ended up kissing my little piece of crap, do nothing, pay-as-you-go phone after we'd disconnected.  Which I promptly decided wasn't weird in the least since I very much wanted, almost needed, to kiss him after being so scared about being found by my family.  Well, by my

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