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But she nodded she wouldn’t be ashamed of what she, Max and Jax had. It was new, but she didn’t want to let either of them go, not yet at least. “Yes, I have more than one boyfriend. Aren’t you going to look at the folder Detective Moore?” She took another sip of her coffee, but kept her eyes on his. She had learned over the years as a lawyer not to be intimidated when a man was staring you down, especially a handsome detective.
    He opened the folder and broke their staring competition. He started to look though all of the papers. She’d paid a private detective to find and follow her ex for a year. It cost her a pretty penny to do so, but it made her feel safer to know.
    “You must have a really good private detective.” He looked back up at her, and raised an eyebrow.
    She nodded because she did. “ I do, I had him followed this past year. I needed to know where he was. I just got that folder from my guy last week.” That was the main reason she forgot about him. She was too worried about what was going on with her and Max that she forgot about her crazy ex. He made her feel so safe, and loved that she overlooked all the sorrow and pain she had in her life.
    “I called his parole officer and he said that Joe hasn’t checked in with him in over two months. He’s already issued a warrant for him, and was about to contact you to let you know he may be looking for you.”
    He had found her, and not with just one man on her arm , but two. Joe had always been a jealous man and when she was modeling he would want to sit in on her shoots to make sure nothing funny was going on. She’d told him he was paranoid and nothing would happen. One time she’d had to get close with one of the male models and Joe beat the crap out of the man sending him to the hospital.
    “I guess we figured that out last night, right?” she said and shivered. She didn’t want to think about what would have happened.
    “We did, like I said I can keep you in a safe house.”
    She smiled at him again, her phone vibrated in her hand and she glanced down at it. Her heart raced when she saw Max’s name. “I will be okay with where I am.” She stood up, and he did the same with the red folder in his hand.
    “I understand, but you can call me at any time.”
    “Thank you , Detective Moore.”
    He inclined his head once and walked past her.
    S he swiped across her phone to answer it. “Hello, Max,” she said and grinned.
    “Hello , beautiful, how are you doing?”
    H er heart pounded fast in her chest. She grabbed her coffee and winked at Joy as she walked out of the coffee shop. “I’m good. I just met with Detective Moore. I gave him everything I had on Joe.”
    “What did he tell you?” For once Max didn’t sound happy. He was her charmer and they never really had a fight.
    “Just what we know, that Joe is here and most likely after me.”
    Max didn’t say anything and she sighed.
    “Max, can we talk later I need to get back to work.”
    “Yeah, call me when you know what time you’ ll be able to get off. Will you stay with me tonight?”
    She knew why he wanted her to stay, and it wasn’t because of sex. It was because he wanted to keep her safe, she rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she said, she didn’t want to cause drama. “Goodbye, Max.” She pressed the end button without hearing him say anything back to her.
    Back in her office, she place d her hot Black Tie down and sat in her chair. She just wanted the day to be over with, and yes go home to her men. She was just happy her boss wasn’t there yet, she didn’t feel like getting yelled at.

Chapter Seven
    F ive o'clock came too soon, and most of the office staff had left. Megan still didn’t get yelled at from her boss, he never came back to work. At the law office, people would start to leave at about four-thirty, usually leaving her and her boss as the last ones to leave. There was a security guard, and she knew if she wanted he would walk her to her car. She

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