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Authors: E. L. Todd
would feel this way about someone…besides you.”
    Sydney placed her hand on his. “I’m so excited for you. Ren is the perfect girl.”
    “I know she is,” Henry said. “She came into my life at the most random time. But she stuck.”
    Coen smirked. “And she blows your mind, right?”
    Henry nodded. “Like no one else.”
    “Then marry her,” Coen said. “Sydney is the best sex I’ve ever had. The first time we fooled around, I knew I wanted to screw around with her a lot.”
    “Is that supposed to be romantic?” Sydney snapped.
    “What?” Coen asked. “You think I fell in love with you for your awesome personality? If you remember, all we did was fight when we met.”
    She glared at him. “But we developed a relationship too.”
    Henry knew where this was going. “So I need your help on this one. You’ll be there?”
    That seemed to snap the couple out of their fight. “Of course,” Sydney said. “We’re so excited.”
    “Yeah, man. We are.” Coen fist pounded him. “Now we’ll both have balls and chains.”
    “Never thought I’d be excited about that,” Henry said with a laugh.
    “Believe me, it’s pretty incredible.” He gave Sydney a fond look. “It’s something you’ll appreciate every morning when you wake up.”
    Sydney smiled at him then gave him a gentle kiss.
    Henry watched them, jealous. Not because he wanted Sydney, but because he wanted that with Ren as soon as possible.

Chapter Six
    Cheyenne kept thinking about Gray long after their last kiss. He was sophisticated and sexy. He was good-looking but interesting at the same time. There was more to his pretty face and exceptionally chiseled body. And the fact he was forward with her, telling her exactly what he wanted, was something she longed for. He didn’t reject her. Instead, he made her feel beautiful. If Bryce didn’t want her, that was okay. Because someone else did.
    Cheyenne went to Derek’s apartment after work, his cash in her purse. When she came to the door, Paola answered it.
    “Hey.” Her long dirty blonde hair reached her chest. Her tight and toned body was obvious in everything she wore. And she was a sweet girl, everything Cheyenne wanted her brother to find in another person.
    Paola opened the door and let her enter. “What brings you here?”
    “I just stopped by to see my brother.”
    “Not sure why. There isn’t much to see.” She smirked then headed to the living room. “Derek, your sister is here.”
    “Tell her to jump off a cliff,” he yelled from the bedroom.
    Cheyenne rolled her eyes. “I guess I’ll keep the fifty bucks you loaned me.”
    His voice echoed down the hallway instantly. “I’m coming.”
    Paola laughed then sat on the couch. “So, how’s it going?”
    “Good. Bryce fixed my car but he refused to let me pay him for it. So I’m giving Derek his money back.”
    “That was nice of him,” she said.
    “Yeah, friendly.” The bitterness was in her voice.
    Paola caught the tone. “Did something happen?”
    “No, nothing happened.” Literally.
    Derek came down the hall, his hair damp. “Just got back from the beach.”
    Cheyenne pulled the cash out of her wallet. “Thanks for loaning it to me.”
    “Did you get paid already?”
    “No. Bryce refused to take my money.”
    Derek pocketed it. “He’s a good guy. I like him.”
    “I like him too.”
    “You’ve been spending a lot of time with him…” He gave me a hopeful look. My brother was desperate for me to move on with a good guy.
    “I enjoy his company—but he’s just a friend.”
    “Oh, come on. You guys are totally into each other.”
    She laughed. “No, believe me, we aren’t. Besides, I’m seeing someone.”
    His eyes widened. “What? Who the fuck is it?”
    “Geez, calm down.” Her brother went from calm to insane in a just a split second.
    “I said who is it?”
    “You just asked me to jump off a cliff a second ago.”
    “Don’t play games with me.” He got in her face.

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