The Miles Between Us

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Authors: Laurie Breton
helpless to stop until the flow either bled out or stanched.
    At some point, Emma awoke . Casey took her to the potty, called the deli down the block and ordered a plate of their special home-style spaghetti. After the delivery boy left, they enjoyed some cuddle time while Emma ate, then Casey parked her in front of the TV and kept on writing.
    When Rob and Paige came home, she was asleep on the couch, Emma in her lap and a half-dozen new songs scattered about the room. “Hey,” Rob said, taking his sleeping daughter in his arms. “Looks like somebody’s been busy.”
    Casey stretched and yawned . “Did you eat?”
    “We had pizza brought in . What about you?”
    “Emma ate . I’m not hungry.”
    “You need to eat something. Want me to grill you a cheese sandwich?”
    “I’m fine . I’ll eat a big breakfast in the morning to make up for it.”
    He carried Emma into the bedroom she shared with Paige. Casey closed her eyes, listening to the soft murmur of conversation between Rob and his oldest daughter. He came back alone, gathered up the scattered sheets of music, and sat beside her on the couch. Slumped on his tailbone, he propped his feet on the coffee table. Brow wrinkled in concentration, he studied the music she’d written.
    Wh en he was done, he met her eyes. And said, “Wow.”
    “ I know. It’s dark.”
    “It’s brilliant.”
    “I’d hardly call it brilliant.”
    “ Are you kidding? You dug deep, babe. I’m impressed. Scared, but impressed.”
    “Scared ? Why on earth? It’s just music.”
    “It’s music like I’ve never seen from you before . It’s like Carole King meets Stephen King.”
    “That’s where my head is at these days. Do you have a problem with that?”
    “I’m not criticizing. I’m just…wow.”
    Later , in the darkness of their bedroom, he drew her to him and kissed her shoulder, worked his way to her collarbone. When she failed to respond, he said, “What’s wrong?”
    “Nothing . Nothing’s wrong.”
    The silence from his side of the bed was dense and heavy . He rolled away from her, and a moment later, the bedside lamp came on. “What?” she said.
    “You aren’t yourself at all. What’s going on?”
    “I’m tired. ” She plumped her pillow. “I just had a miscarriage. I almost bled to death. You’re the one who told me I needed to slow down.”
    “I told you to slow down . I didn’t tell you to freeze every time I touch you.”
    “Don’t be ridiculous.”
    “Is it me? Have I done something to offend you? Are you mad because I dragged you to New York with me?”
    She let out a long-suffering sigh and rolled toward him . “I am not mad at you,” she said. “I have a lot going on inside my head. None of it is related to you, except in the most peripheral of ways. I just need you to give me some space.”
    He squared his jaw. “When are you seeing Doctor Deb?”
    “Wednesday . I’ll fly home in the morning, see her, then fly back in the afternoon. You and Paige will have to take care of Emma while I’m gone.”
    “Are you sure you’re up to it ? Flying home and back in the same day? Isn’t there somebody you could see right here in Manhattan?”
    “I know her . I trust her. She knows me. Why would I want to go to the trouble of finding another doctor when we’ll only be here for a few weeks? Deb’s my doctor. She’s the one who should be doing my follow-up exam.”
    Those soft green eyes studied her speculatively before he reached out, turned the light back off, and drew her into his arms . They lay together in the darkness, both of them thinking thoughts they didn’t choose to share. “You know,” he said, “all I did was kiss you. I wasn’t trying to hump you like a dog in heat.”
    “You paint such lovely, romantic word pictures.”
    “Oh, shut up. We’ve been through this before. I know enough not to try anything until you have the go-ahead from your doctor.”
    “Sexually frustrated, are you , Flash?”
    “Stop playing games

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