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Authors: Lexi Buchanan
couldn’t take his eyes from her.
    “You need to keep your zipper up.  She’s here with Ramon.”
    Ramon ? I thought he was gay.
    Michael had come up behind them , and started to laugh.
    “How can she be with Ramon?” That wasn’t possible.
    “Well, I guess our brother i s finally serious about someone and Lucien needs to get his facts straight in future,” Michael replied.
    “She can’t be with him.  Are you sure?”
    “I’m sorry, but she is,” Lily told him.
    S he was walking towards them, and all Sebastian could do was watch. He felt frozen to the spot.
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    Carla had walked out of the marquee to look for Ramon, who had disappeared on her. With a quick look around, she spotted the same good looking guy that she’d had trouble keeping her eyes off during the wedding ceremony. He’d been standing at the front with the groom, so she’d presumed he was one of Michael and Ramon’s brothers. She knew he wasn’t Lucien, because she’d met him on arrival so he was either Ruben or Sebastian.
    Before she could head in any other direction her feet started to take her towards him. He hadn’t taken his eyes from Carla, which made her nervous and also sent tingles, where she shouldn’t have tingles, considering she was with his brother.
    When she was a few feet away from Lily, Michael and the delicious guy, she focused her gaze on Lily. “Hi Lily.  Do you know where Ramon is?”
    “ I’ve not see Ramon for a while.”
    Lily looked to her husba nd then back to Carla, all the time she was conscious that Michael’s brother was still looking at her.
    “Let me introduce you to Sebastian, Michael’s brother.  Sebastian, this is Carla.”
    She turned towards him and froze. Never in a million years had she reacted to anyone the way she was reacting to him. His eyes held hers in some sort of trance.  She was unable to look away.
    He leaned forward and took her hand into his. “Carla, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  His voice melted her insides.  “Are you really with Ramon?”
    His questi on jerked Carla back to her senses. What the hell was she doing being drawn in by Ramon’s brother? Her life was too damn complicated as it was without Sebastian adding to it. “It’s great to meet you, but I better go and find Ramon.”
    As she dashed back towards the marquee, Carla prayed he didn’t follow, because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to keep her hands to herself. He had her turned inside out.
    Back inside the marquee, she grabbed a glass of champagne and quickly gulped it down before grabbing another one.  Over to the left, towards the back, she spotted a vacant table, which she made her way to, and hoped to hide for a while and maybe spot Ramon.
    The wedding had been beautiful, and Lily had looked amazing in her wedding gown. She really had been a glowing bride. When Michael had seen Lily for the first time she’d noticed his eyes fill with unshed tears.
    She wanted that one day; someone to love her unconditionally. Someone she could love as well, who’d look at her the way Michael all ways looked at Lily. Sebastian .
    Carla shook her head of his image; it wouldn’t do her any good to keep thinking about him. Instead she smiled to herself, remembering when she’d been at the ranch house with Ramon as the wedding cake had arrived, much to Michael’s embarrassment. She’d spent about an hour trying to work out why a wedding cake would embarrass the groom. The cake had four layers with scarves made out of confectioners’ sugar around the base of each one. Nothing whatsoever embarrassing; until she’d managed to get Lily alone and asked her about his reaction. Lily had snickered and told her it was the scarves, and to use her imagination – which she had!
    “Carla, I’ve been looking for you. I’m just going to help Ruben finish getting his car sorted, and then we’ll leave. Is that, okay?” Ramon quickly asked.
    “Yes, that’s fine,” she replied to his back.
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