Bound Through Blood

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Authors: Alexis Kennedy
heart didn't tell him, his rock-hardness sure did. The seduction continues now. He began by brushing his fingertips across her cheek and then traced the fullness of her pouty lips. This caused her sleepy eyes to flutter and open slowly. When she saw him, she quickly jerked away, but his body restrained her.
    Devin stared hypnotically into her sky-blue eyes and whispered, "Nu vrei sã lupte acest lucru. Vrei acest lucru." You don't want to fight this. You want this . Her mouth, which had been open to scream, quickly closed.
    Her mind was trying to fight against his spell, but it just couldn't seem to resist.
    He quickly covered her mouth with his and plunged his tongue in, with bittersweet fervor, seeking her own—which now was not resistant at all. He nibbled her lips and sucked on them gently which brought a soft moan of pleasure from her sweet mouth. His anxious hands, meanwhile, were moving up her soft body—cupping, squeezing, exploring— all the way up to stroke through her silky strands of raven black hair. The same hair he remembered from centuries ago, and he still loved its feel.
    Feeling herself being accosted, but under a consumable passionate haze, Salena could only writhe underneath him in response. It was like her brain was stuck in cruise control, and her body could only ride along. She pushed herself against him and felt his aching bulge pressing against her slender thigh. This made her moist from anticipation. She had no way to fight against the tidal wave of desire pulling her under; every effort to resist was washed away with inevitability.
    Devin responded to her hunger by pulling up her nightgown and plunging a finger into her hot, wet core—she was so velvety soft and tight, he thought he'd explode right then. While his finger worked her insides, his mouth moved from hers—swollen from his kisses—to her neck. Just a taste—that's all he needed—this time. He nicked her alabaster skin just enough to cause a minuscule drop of blood to spill. He licked it up hungrily and absorbed her drugging nectar—and traveled back almost three hundred years to his truelove. There was no denying their connection.
    Salena, worked up into a burning frenzy of lust, didn't even notice the nick from his fangs. Instead, with a loud moan, she arched her body upward and placed one hand on top of his, still inside her, and pressed it to go deeper, while her other hand raked its nails down his still clothed back.
    Not wanting to deny either of them their euphoria any longer, he moved his long, taut body up hers, with his fiery brand now released from its cotton confinement, and tried to plunge himself into her pulsating core.
    Salena cried out in pure bliss as he worked himself in and out of her petal-smooth center until her body could grant his. Then every inch of her fiery furnace welcomed every inch of his steely staff.
    As she rode the waves of ecstasy with him, her eyes rolled back, and she dug her teeth into his shoulder, which was an ironic change of pace for him.
    However, before she could draw his blood, he stopped her. Instead, he kissed her deeply again, moving his tongue in rhythm with his thrusts against the hard spot inside her womanhood. Prodding it made her explode in sensation all over his hard rod, and her nails once again dug inside his back while she screamed even louder than before. This set him over the edge as well, and his white-hot eruption flooded into her convulsing center while she clutched his buttocks and rode the ripple of debauchery with him.
    After removing his weight from her, he kissed the bite mark and then whispered into her ear, "Va dormi zdravãn acum." You will sleep soundly now . He kissed her lips once more and headed back into the night. She was already snoring softly again.
    He wished he didn't have to hypnotize her to get her to make love and consummate their destiny; it hurt his heart that he couldn't just have her willingly. "Soon," he said into the darkness, "I will have all

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