Atlas Cloud And The Amulet of Thieves

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Authors: L.M.J. Rayner
protect you with.” he said biting his lip. I could see that it had been playing on his mind for a while. We all slowed down eventually coming to a stop.
    “You're fine with it because you’re protected, how am I supposed to have your back, be by your side if I can't even defend myself?” I wanted to say something but I didn't have an answer. He was defenceless, waiting on the side lines while I try and learn how to use this ring. I looked at Farro and Roko to see if they could jump in and help me.
    “Eli my boy, I have something for you I think you will like.” Farro said reaching into his coat.
    “It's not more soup is it? Because I'm sure I found a toe in my bowl last time.” Eli said with a look of disgust on his face.
    “No no, something much better. And anyway what’s wrong with the stew?” Farro said. Roko just shrugged at him, avoiding the subject. Farro pulled a small folded piece of dirty white cloth from his over coat. He handed it to Eli. Eli stood there looking at it disappointed.
    “Atlas look, aren't you jealous, I have an old man's dirty loin cloth” Eli said holding it up. I chuckled and was as confused as him about the gift.
    “Eli you have to open it, it's heavy though so open it on the floor.” Farro said. Eli looked puzzled staring at the cloth. How can it be heavy? He put it on the ground and started to unfold it. It got longer and longer and wider and wider. The cloth could fit in your palm at the beginning; it was now almost a metre wide. Eli stopped unfolding it. He patted the cloth. There was something in it. Eli spun round pulling the object from the wrapping. It was a sword. It looked old and worn but the blade still shined, reflecting the sunlight, flashing its beauty to the world. Eli's face lit up. He was mesmerized by the fact he was holding a real sword rather than the plastic ones we used to buy at the fair.
    “That my son is my old short sword.” Farro said.
    “But how...”
    “It’s a Diegol. It makes any object you choose smaller by folding it up in the cloth. A Diegol cloth is an essential for any traveller.” Farro said. Eli had stopped listening and now was swinging it and slicing the air with it.
    “Stop playing with it, we have to keep moving” Roko snapped. Eli sheathed the sword away proudly and we began walking again. Eli had a spring in his step now, walking with purpose, ready for anything. It was true; magic is only limited by the imagination. I looked down at my dad’s ring; I remembered the magic tricks he used to show me and the shows we went to see. When he had time off work, we used to travel to stage shows, packing almost a year’s worth of junk food into the car. The long road trips were the best memories I have of him. There was no complications, no school, no magic, no crazy old men in big yellow coats. Just me and him. Happy. Atlas. A voice whispered into my ear. I turned around and found no one. It sounded like a woman. Atlas.
    “Roko, did you say something?” I asked. She looked at me, her eyebrows frowning.
    “Oh, okay” I said
    “Why?” She said
    “No reason” I said, trying to avoid explaining why I'm hearing voices. In front of us the path stopped. Dark, menacing trees blocked our way. The tree branches covered the skyline so that there was hardly any light reaching the ground. It was silent, dead.
    “The city lies beyond this forest.” Farro said
    “It's too dangerous” Roko interrupted “We won't last ten minutes in there.”
    “I know!” Farro shouted. I could see in his eyes that he knew it was a bad idea. “We don't have a choice.” Farro said. Roko started pacing, trying to conjure up an alternative route.
    “What's wrong with it, it's just a little dark.” I said, purposely sounding naïve, I'm no magician but even I can sense there’s something I don't want to find in there.
    “Just a little dark!? It's not the dark

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