Claiming Crusher: Savage Brothers MC

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Authors: Jordan Marie
Tags: Fiction, Romance, MC
Skull’s crew drop us off at the house Nicole and I shared. He didn’t want to drive—in case we partied later. Yeah, I hated to be the one to break it to him, but that was not happening.
    “Maybe you and your girl will party after this. You owe me, Beast kept you to himself and didn’t share,” he says and his voice and words make me want to hurl. Definitely need to watch the meds and alcohol mixing.
    “I don’t party with other women, Tiny.” Or men …or you… like ever, I add silently.
    He doesn’t respond and a few minutes later we pull up to mine and Nic’s place. My beat up old car is in the driveway and I’m glad. I’ll use it to get away from Tiny later, because seriously his creep-o vibe is registering off the charts. Our ride drives off and leaves me with Tiny. I fight the urge to plead for the guy to stay. Instead, I walk to the front door and reach in my pocket to get my keys to let us in. Tiny immediately grabs the keys out of my hand and unlocks the door—then pockets them. I start to demand he give them back, but it’s not worth the hassle. Nic will have hers, so we can easily get away from Tiny. All these thoughts settle me, I like having contingency plans— a safety net .
    When we get inside Tiny’s quiet and I’m good with that. I do nothing to invite conversation. He goes into the kitchen and talks on his cell phone. He’s whispering and I can’t make out what he’s saying, but I don’t really care. I’m here for one reason and as soon as that’s done, Tiny will be a bad memory. He will pale in comparison to the nightmares I pack around . I just have to get Nicole to listen to me. Then we can work out the rest together. My eyes stayed glued to the clock, and eventually we hear a car pull up. Tiny cusses when he looks out the window.
    “Your girl brought a friend,” he says and my heart kicks up in speed.
    If Dragon is with her, there is no way I will be able to talk to her and she needs to know. Tiny goes and stands behind the door and pulls out a gun. A sick feeling of heat from the inside covers me, and I seriously might hurl. I don’t want this . I need to get control here. Badass Dani needs to take over.
    “What the fuck are you doing?”
    Oh, but that doesn’t sound badass at all. That sounds full of fear, which is what I am now. I need to warn Nic, but I don’t want a showdown with Dragon and Tiny. I know Dragon will win, and then he’ll turn his anger on me and Nic. Fuck, why didn’t I demand we find Beast and take him with us?
    “Cool your jets, I’m not going to shoot him, at least not yet. I just need to put her guy out of commission if you’re going to talk to her,” he says calmly and the smile on his face unnerves me.
    It’s not like I trust him to begin with, but I’m starting to think there is more behind Tiny’s offer to help than I realized. Shit . It doesn’t matter, I’ll show Nic the pictures, and together we’ll ditch Tiny and get the fuck out of this town. Screw getting Beast and Skull’s help, I can use Michael’s money to get us to Mexico and set us up somewhere safe. Safe. God, I need safe.
    Seconds later the door opens and Tiny immediately uses the butt of his gun to hit the guy with Nic on the head. Nailer, I think he’s called. I’ve seen him when I dance. I wince, wishing he hadn’t gotten hurt, but glad it’s him there instead of Dragon. I don’t think Dragon would have gone down so easily. Nailer does however, with a horrible thud. Nic screams and Tiny pulls her into the house, trying to muffle the sound with his arm. She looks over at me and my stomach lurches. I do my best to remain even-keeled. I need to calm Nic down and get her to listen and then we both need to get the fuck away from Tiny and out of here.
    “Calm down, Nic. It’s not what you think. Tiny and I are trying to save you. Girl, you just don’t know what that man you are with has done.”
    Nic is elbowing Tiny and I look at him in frustration. He finally

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