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    “No way. I couldn’t turn everything upside down like that for a guy I’ve only known for a few months. And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want that. No one would ask someone to do that,” Ben said and Jason’s lips pulled tight as he nodded.
    “Probably not. But, if we’re having a moment here, I have to tell you, I’m a little relieved. I don’t want to move to California either,” he admitted and Ben laughed softly as he sat back and crossed his ankles. They were silent for several moments before Jason tossed the pillow back at Ben. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see where this goes. Two months of…” Jason squeezed his eyes shut for a second. “Doing filthy things is better than sitting around depressed, right?” He offered and Ben looked at the ceiling and his head tilted from side to side as he weighed the consequences. Jason waved dismissively. “Come on, a lot can happen, Ben. What if the job falls through? What if he meets someone else while he’s still here and they convince him not to go and that guy ends up with him?” Jason asked gently and Ben felt as if he’d been punched in the chest. “Maybe he still goes and you guys date long distance until you figure it out,” he offered and it was Ben that groaned as he squeezed his temples.
    “That almost never works. He’ll find someone better in California and he’ll dump me over the phone,” Ben predicted and Jason shook his head.
    “That would never happen,” he said firmly and Ben raised a brow expectantly and Jason reached over and pushed Ben affectionately. “He couldn’t find anyone better. That’s why I still wanted him to call you. It’s going to work out,” Jason promised and Ben hoped he wasn’t going to give into the urge and hug Jason.
    “We’ll see. He might not even call me,” Ben said and Jason narrowed his eyes as he stared across the room.
    “Don’t wait for him to call,” Jason said and Ben frowned and was about to argue when Jason waved for him to wait. “He won’t want to pressure you because he’ll feel bad. He won’t want to hurt you,” he advised and Ben’s stomach twisted a little tighter. Why does he have to be such a good guy? This would be easier if he was just a dick and a good piece of ass, Ben complained.
    “So I should call him?” Ben asked and Jason shook his head.
    “You don’t have time to play phone tag. And Landon is kind of a romantic,” Jason advised and Ben gestured for him to continue. Jason’s head nodded toward the coat. “Take it to him. Show up at his place and do filthy things with him,” he said and despite the fact that he thought the idea had merit he looked at Jason with confusion.
    “I thought you said he was a romantic. Filthy isn’t very romantic,” Ben argued and Jason laughed.
    “There’s a difference between being romantic and being a romantic ,” Jason said and Ben waited for him to explain. Jason chuckled softly as he reclined. “He’s a romantic in that he’ll want a happy ending and is ready to get swept off his feet. A few text messages and phone calls so you can decide to go out next Friday isn’t going to move him. Showing up and doing filthy things because you can’t get enough of him will get you a lot of points. Plus, he’s had a really long dry spell so he could use a lot of filthy,” he explained and Ben jumped to his feet.
    “Right,” he said as he went to the table. “I should probably take this over there myself,” Ben mumbled as he picked up the coat. He waved over his shoulder as he went to the door. “I’ll see you later,” he said and Jason laughed.
    “Good luck. And I think I’ll see if I can earn myself a little make-up sex,” he said as he got to his feet. Ben glared over his shoulder as he opened the door.
    “I don’t need to know about that,” he said loudly and Jason gave him a pointed look.
    “Hey. If I have to get comfortable with gay sex, you have to get comfortable with straight sex,” he

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