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Authors: Trevion Burns
tonight were.
    The jeans and blue peasant blouse she’d chosen suddenly felt too casual.  Most of her guests had dressed like they were going to the office.
    “Boring party, Lila.” Chelsea wasn’t quite as appreciative of the party’s calm nature.  She stood by Lila’s side at the grill, watching as she cooked up hot dogs, ribs, and burgers.  “Where are all the sexy, eligible men? All I see are a bunch of those terrible heathens from campus.  If I wanted to see their snot nosed faces, I’d have stayed at work.”
    Lila met Chelsea’s eyes.  “What were you expecting, Chels? House music? Freak dancing? Drunken men touching you inappropriately?”
    “Yes,” Chelsea cried, eyes going wide.  “Is that too much to ask? I’m a single woman, for fucks sake, and I was expecting a party.”
    “This is a party.”
    “This is not a party.  This is a work event, and I’m feeling jipped.”
    “There’s music,” Lila reasoned, pointing to the stereo sitting on the deck.
    Chelsea pointed to the stereo too.  “That is not party music.  That is a CD of Kenny G’s greatest hits.  I don’t want to hear this shit unless I’m soaking in a bathtub crying and fisting a bottle of Merlot.”
    “You’re a damn mess,” Lila grinned.
    Chelsea wrapped an arm around Lila’s shoulder.  “Seriously.  Shitty party or not, congratulations on the new digs, Lila.  This house is stunning and, I must say, perfect for you.”
    “It feels good to finally put down some roots. I’m happy that I landed in Cambridge, Chels.” Lila circled an arm around her friend’s waist.  “And I’m even happier I met you.”
    Chelsea was defenseless.  She embraced her friend with an overly emotive moan, pulling her into a tight hug while rocking her back and forth.
    Lila’s eyes flew open when the exaggerated rocking suddenly stopped, even as Chelsea still held her around the neck.
    “Okay.  Don’t kill me,” Chelsea said into Lila’s ear.
    Lila tried to look at her, but couldn’t.  Chelsea was holding on to her so tight she couldn’t even move her head.  “Why would I kill you?”
    “Well, I may or may not have told my sister that I was going to a house warming party tonight. She may or may not have invited herself along.  And she may or may not have the Greek God on her arm right as we speak.”
    “Are you fucking kidding me, Chels?”
    Chelsea tightened her hold  “Are you going to come straight for my throat if I let you go? Because I’m happy to stay in this embrace all night.  I might even be able to put you to sleep if I can tighten my grip enough.  Then, by the time you wake up, this will be over.”
    With a sigh, Lila pulled herself from Chelsea’s arms, so furiously it sent her hair flying into her eyes.  She pushed it away, clearing her vision.  Her eyes flew to her deck just in time to see her backyard door slamming closed.
    Sure enough, there they stood, Jack and Kelly, lingering at the top of the deck stairs, taking in the surroundings.  Jack’s arm was around Kelly’s neck, hand hanging down under her chin where her fingers entwined with his.
    “Why would she come?” Lila asked. “Didn’t she see me that night at her engagement party?”
    “She sure did see you.  She also saw her fiancé go flying out the door after you,” Chelsea reminded.
    Lila’s eyes met hers.
    “My sister is a very keep your friends close, and your enemies closer kind of girl.”
    “Fantastic,” Lila muttered.
    “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to tell her about the party.  It just slipped out. I had no idea she would actually come,” Chelsea said.  “Or that she’d actually bring him with her.”
    Lila held her breath when Jack and Kelly both looked her way at the same time.
    Kelly immediately smiled and waved, while Jack looked downright stunned.
    Yep, it was clear as day.  Kelly had failed to mention to Jack that this was Lila’s house. Lila’s backyard.  Lila’s party. Surely, if he’d known,

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