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Authors: Leo Mark
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senator´s house it was morning. By eight a.m. they had all come downstairs for breakfast. George was the last to descend, bringing two CDs with him. He had spent the night recording and encrypting the CDs with old family files, and details of the family tree, proof of everything he had told his son and granddaughter.
    ‘Thomas and Sarah, these CDs are for you. They are encrypted with a 2048-bit key, impossible to break without the password. The password is at the back of the family portrait I gave you last Christmas.’
    The senator had given each of them an oil painting of the whole family in a group. It had been painted from a photo which had been taken the previous Christmas, when practically the whole Griffin clan was present. That was the only time it was possible to get everybody together.
    ‘You´ll find a lot of answers in this CD,’ George went on. ‘Thomas, take this parcel, I´ve put the cylinder in it. Please, take good care of it.’
    ‘Don´t worry, Dad.’
    The Griffins finished breakfast and said their goodbyes. Thomas and Sarah took the highway back to New York. As they drove they talked over what had happened, about all the revelations George had made. Both of them were intrigued and pleased to have a part to play in events of such importance.
    ‘Daddy, I couldn´t sleep last night, thinking about all that grandpa said, and I came to a decision: I want you to make this clone and I want to give birth to it,’ said Sarah with absolute certainty.
    ‘But daughter, it´s very dangerous. If something went wrong I´d never forgive myself,’ answered Thomas in a worried voice, stroking his daughter´s hair.
    ‘Daddy, I trust you and, if the worst came to the worst, what could go wrong? You do inseminations every day at your clinic.’
    Thomas was a scientist and university lecturer, as well as a consultant to businesses. And he ran a fertilization clinic where he treated women who couldn´t conceive, and carried out artificial insemination procedures.
    ‘Cloning is a lot more complex. I will have to take an egg of yours, or another egg, and strip the genetic material from it; then I will take a cell from the donor (which will be cloned) and join it to the egg by a process of electro fusion. In this way the embryo will be formed. However the egg may reject the donor´s genetic material and, even if there is no rejection, the child that is born will have nothing of yours, he won’t really be your son, you will merely be providing the womb. And the child could be born dead or deformed. Are you prepared to take such risks?’
    ‘Daddy, he’ll be my son. Bringing up a child is to be its mother just as much as giving birth to it is.’
    Thomas knew he wasn’t going to be able to get this idea out of his daughter’s head; after all, she always got what she wanted. Since she was a little girl she had been very spoilt by her mother and especially by her grandparents.
    ‘I’ll analyze this blood. If everything´s alright with it I’ll think about what you’ve said.’
    Thomas left Sarah at work and went straight to the laboratory at his clinic, which was nearby. When he got there he hurried into the building, anxious to get the analysis done, and he barely greeted the staff and patients. He locked himself in the laboratory and gave instructions not to be disturbed. He put on his white coat and his mask, and took the cylinder out of the parcel his father had made. He looked around to make sure nobody was in the lab, and then he put his finger over the crack at the top of the cylinder, which immediately lit up. With one hand holding the base, and the other the top of the object, he twisted them in opposite directions and with a little click the cylinder opened. Very carefully he tried to pour a drop of blood on to a slide, but the blood would not pour. In fact it wasn’t possible to see the blood inside the cylinder, as the duct inside it was very narrow.
    He carefully inserted some cotton wool on a very

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