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Authors: A. K. Alexander
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers
kind where there’s no detection of a drug in the system. No explanation of why a seemingly healthy person would die. I think Jake discovered this drug in the autopsies, and someone killed him because he knew too much.”
    He shook his head. “If there is a new street drug available, the guys making it could care less who dies and who doesn’t. They only care about the cash in their back pockets. Eventually this stuff gets found out.”
    “Okay, how about this? You and I know there have been plenty of sickos throughout history who have done things like plant poison in meds. Look at the Tylenol and Excedrin cases. Those seemed off the wall when they happened, but they were real situations. Plus, we’re always hearing things in the media about the possibility of terrorists poisoning our food or water supply. Heck, there are documentaries about how genetically modified foods will eventually be our demise. I don’t know.” She leaned forward again, her face red. “ I don’t know , and I don’t care if you believe me. But what I can tell you is some type of poison I can’t put a name to is in a helpless baby’s system. She is lying in her incubator, fighting for her life. I want to know what’s killing her, and I want to know before it’s too late.”
    The doctor certainly had passion and if she was selling him a story, she had herself convinced of it, or seemed to anyway. “Okay, so say your theory is correct, how did this person or persons know Hamilton was onto this thing?”
    “You’re the detective, you figure it out.” With that, she stood up and walked out the door.

    Time was a major factor and Ryan didn’t know how much he had. He knew The Brotherhood goons would be watching and listening. So, the morning after the fight with his wife, he called her cell phone from the house and left a voicemail.
    “Jeanine, I love you. I love you and the kids very much. I’m sorry. I was a jack-ass. Please come home. At least call me, and tell me where you are. I just want to hear your voice. Please call. I love you.” He clicked off his phone and sighed heavily. This had to work. If Jeanine was following his plan, and hadn’t turned back, hadn’t decided he was insane, or hadn’t been caught…he closed his eyes at the thought. God, please let them be safe. Assuming they were, the next steps his wife took would be the most important ones.
    Thank God through some stroke of luck, Ryan had sent his parents on a cruise for two weeks in Alaska. He assumed they’d be safe on the boat. But what if The Brotherhood found out what he was up to, and went after his folks? Did they know he’d purchased those tickets? Did they know his parents were on that cruise? Fuck! They seemed to know everything.
    Ryan forced himself to stop thinking about it. He knew he was taking a big risk and he hoped in doing the right thing, he wasn’t putting his family in any further jeopardy than he already had.

    Kelly knew it was a risk to discuss her theory with the detective, but she thought he might be a bit more supportive or accepting than he’d been. In fact, he hadn’t been open to her theory in the least. She could see it in his dark eyes, which seemed to grow even darker when she told him her thoughts. Or maybe she was just being paranoid. Her theory did sound far-fetched. New drug? Pregnant girls? Murder? She shook her head. It sounded idiotic. But one thing was for certain—Jake was dead. He had been brutally murdered, and she wanted to find some answers. If the detective was going to ignore her story, maybe she would see what she could find out on her own. Tamara had been by the hospital earlier that day to pick up the blood samples from Kelly. Unfortunately, she had not been able to obtain a sample from Lupe Salazar.
    As she pulled into the parking lot, Kelly knew she needed to regain her composure before going back into the unit. She straightened her blue linen blouse and

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