Nikolai's Wolf
Kiesha exclaimed.
    Not a clue, Shannon thought, but I definitely want to find out, and mentally urged Kiesha to continue.
    Mary Elizabeth started cursing under her breath. “Damn, I was hoping to keep that bit of information to myself for as long as possible.” She glared at Kiesha.
    Hugh stood up so fast the table jolted. Shannon grabbed a glass to keep it from toppling over as Hugh reached over and dragged Mary Elizabeth out of the booth. “Excuse us. We need to talk.” He towed her behind him. When she didn’t move fast enough, he swung her over his shoulder before disappearing with her through the swinging doors that led to the kitchen.
    Shannon looked at Kiesha and said dryly, “This is just a wild guess on my part, but I don’t believe he knew.”
    Kiesha dropped her head onto Alex’s shoulder. “Oh damn, she’s going to kill me. Of course, he didn’t know. That’s not something she would have told him unless she absolutely had to. I was so shocked that I didn’t think. I just blurted it out.” Rory asked what they all wanted to know. “How much money are we talking here?” Kiesha looked up and her eyes grew unfocused as she made a mental tally. “There’s the main house, the cars, the vacation house, and the condo. I guess in personal assets alone he’s worth several million. Then there’s the family business, plus a few subsidiaries that Charles owned. He and Babs, Mary Elizabeth’s sister, never had children, and as far as I know, Charles didn’t have any siblings. There are a few cousins and some aunts and uncles in the way of relatives. I’ve never heard Babs mention his parents so I assume they are no longer living. I do know that he comes from old money, the kind you don’t hear much about. I was surprised when he gave in to Babs’s demands and had a home built in Pirate’s Cove so she could be close to her parents.”
    Shannon’s jaw dropped lower and lower as the list of assets went on and on. No wonder Kiesha was shocked.
    Just then they heard a loud roar, the sound of an angry bear. Right on its heels they heard Mary Elizabeth yelling, “Don’t you roar at me, Hugh William Mosely!” The women smiled while the men grimaced. Hugh was in for it now.
    “Mary Elizabeth must have just told him about the money,“ Kiesha stated.
    Mary Elizabeth came storming through the swinging doors with Hugh right behind her. “I refuse to talk to you while you’re being unreasonable,” she raged at him.
    Hugh didn’t give a verbal response. He scooped her up in his arms again. A moment later, they all winced as the office door slammed behind him.
    Nikolai’s Wolf
    “Looks like they’ll be discussing things for a while,” Shannon said. “How long is Shayla going to be here?”
    “She said it shouldn’t take her more than three or four days to get everything set up and running. Then a couple more days to download the programs and verify all of the computers are connected and running properly. I’m going to make sure she has things set up so that you and I can both work from home without any problems.” Shannon did some mental calculations and then frowned. “That will put her here at the start of the blue moon. I hope that won’t be a problem.” Rory looked at her sharply. “There’s a blue moon this month?” He sniffed the air, making no attempt to hide what he was doing. “Dammit, Shannon! Are you telling me there’s a blue moon coming right when you’re coming into heat?” he bellowed at her.
    Shannon looked around the diner. Thank goodness they were the only ones in the place. The last thing she needed was for that bit of information to get out. “Jeez, Rory. It’s not like I planned this. And could you have been just a little bit louder? I’m sure the folks over in Colbyville didn’t hear you.”
    Rory didn’t respond to her comment, but he did lower his voice. “Is that why you’re building a panic room? Why aren’t you taking something to control the heat?”

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