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Authors: Pamela Ann
though they would want for nothing when it came to material and monetary aspects. Even then, I wouldn’t dare. Leading a lavish and glamorous life was amazing, but I’d rather be borderline poverty and be with the man I loved than live a meaningless life.
    Peeling my clothes off, I changed into a soft cotton robe before I pulled my hair into a ha phazard bun and sat on my bed, turning on my laptop.
    I had one email from my friend Clara. Opening the mail, my lips broke into a smile when a picture instantly downloaded into view, showing my friend s sunbathing with drinks and cheesy, happy smiles plastered on all of their faces. It also included Damen.
    Are you still in Monaco? When will you be back? Island hopping isn’t the same without you. We miss you!
    Staring at the picture, I could only imagine how much fun I was missing. I had been saving for six months for this trip because my father would rather keel over than give me an allowance. I was fine with it, working part-time while in school was tough, but it taught me discipline and how to budget my money. For six months, I had saved every extra penny, knowing it would all be worth it come summertime. Obviously it hadn’t panned out the way I had pictured it because my father had come out with threats and demands. I was supposed to be spending my summer with Damen. This was supposed to be our time together without projects, exams, and other obligations we faced in our daily lives.
    Poor Damen . Ever since we started dating, things hadn’t been easy for us. Nor did it help that my father was so against it, calling Damen dirt and saying he was only after our money. I remembered thinking, what money? Did he not realize he gambled most of our riches away? That we were nearing bankruptcy, but his father always tended to find a way to help him somehow?
    Though Damen and his family didn’t have the riches they used to have, the only thing that mattered to me was how much he loved me. I trusted him with everything. I was sure my friends were doing their best to keep him well and happy. By the looks of it, he seemed like he was enjoying himself, so I supposed I shouldn’t worry as much.
    Sighing, I put my computer aside, feeling a bit blue because my summer plans had never happened. Instead of enjoying the company of my friends and having fun, I was stuck with an unconventional womanizer who seemed to have a secret about this woman who had fallen for him. Chantel and Julien said never to fall for him, yet they never clarified what the hell happened to her. They gave mild warnings, yet no explanation. It was as if I should just heed it without thought. It wasn’t like it was a possibility because it would never happen, but what had really happened that got Hugo so bent up?
    A knock came at the door before it was opened and in came the very sex god incarnate himself. “Isobel?”
    Shutting the door behind him, he was dressed in white , linen, drawstring pants and a white, fitted, cotton muscle shirt, glaringly showing off his toned physique. His hair was wet, indicating he was freshly out of a shower and not hot and sticky from his extreme thrust-filled workout less than hour ago. He looked more than hot and sexy, and his presence merely irritated me because, well, for such a narcissistic pig, it would’ve been fair if there was something physically unattractive about him; long nose, too wide eyes, a unibrow?
    Annoyed and irritated that I even noticed how good he looked, I made an effort to get out of bed, tightening the belt of my robe before I decided to glance back towards him.
    “To what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Xavier?” Hiding my temper wasn’t truly my forte. Furthermore, since we were going to be living in the same house for quite some time, it was better off if I acted like myself and not the woman who was basically jumping to meet his demands because I felt indebted to him. I was, in a sense, until the contract was up. Still, I was done playing nice to His

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