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Authors: Ridley Pearson
streetlamps. The landing, or arrival zone, for their DHIs was one of the biggest problems with the program. Philby could now control which Park each of the kids landed in, who among them would cross over, and, in a pinch, he could manually Return them from his home computer. But the program transmitted the DHI into a Park’s central feature. In the Magic Kingdom, it was the central hub in front of Cinderella Castle. In Animal Kingdom, the island and the Tree of Life. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it was the elevated area beneath Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. Here in Epcot, it was the fountain plaza just beyond Spaceship Earth. In all cases, in all places, it meant their holograms landed in open space. Finn’s limbs tingled as he scrambled across the plaza, reminding him that he was in his DHI state.
    Epcot after closing was not the remarkable and enchanting Park it was during its opening hours. It was known to the Keepers as a haven for Overtakers. Crash-test dummies on Segways. Gigabyte, a ginormous snake that was part of Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, slithered in search of unwanted visitors. There were court jesters in France capable of every kind of martial art. There had been a time when Finn had been certain the Magic Kingdom was the Overtakers’ headquarters. But he was no longer so convinced.
    “Over here,” came a harsh whisper. Philby. Fifteen feet toward the lake from Finn. Sitting on the walkway with his back against the information booth that housed a pin exchange. “A pair of CTDs passed by here maybe five minutes ago.”
    Finn lay down flat and kept very still. The robotic crash-test dummies were nothing to mess with. “How do you want to do this?” he asked Philby.
    “It’s too big to just start searching around. It would take us days, not hours, to look everywhere.”
    “You know me: technology.”
    “The IllumiNations control booth on the roof of Mexico. I know for a fact that setup includes feeds for all of the Park’s Security cameras. We climb to the top of the temple. As DHIs, we should be able to walk through the door. If I get freaked out and lose all clear , then you go through and unlock it for me. We use the Security monitors to find Charlene.”
    Fifteen minutes later, Philby was sitting in a chair working switches. The television monitor displayed four camera views at a time.
    “Heck of a view,” Finn said. Outside the window, Finn had a clear view of the lake and the surrounding pavilions. He grabbed a pair of binoculars and began sweeping the area.
    “True story.” Philby allowed enough time to study the view from each Security camera, then he pushed a button and another four appeared. There were thirty-two camera views available.
    Twice Philby spotted CTDs on the move, but no Charlene. Finn confirmed the CTDs through the binoculars. They began working out a system.
    With the binoculars held to his eyes, Finn said, “What do you suppose they want with her?”
    “A download,” Philby answered. “Let’s say she was put under a spell to spy on us, as we talked about. She asks questions; she looks over our shoulders. Then the Evil Queen and Cruella need a chance to download whatever she’s found out.”
    “But she’s not a zombie.”
    “Exactly. So who knows what state she was in when she crossed over? The CTDs could be looking for her . The Queen may need a stronger spell to get Charlene to talk. I’m just guessing at all this.”
    “It makes sense.”
    “Thank you.”
    “Movement!” Finn said loudly. “In front of Morocco. A pair of CTDs running…”
    Through the binoculars he watched the dummies in full sprint. They were tall, powerful, and surprisingly light on their feet. A trash can rolled toward them. The first vaulted it. The second bent and knocked it out of the way like it was made of cardboard. Each dummy had the strength and speed of three men.
    “Someone threw a trash can in their way!” Finn announced.
    Philby worked

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