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Authors: Dani Evans, Okay Creations
an only child or do you have siblings?”
    “I have—” Crap. I almost screwed up! Timber has no siblings. She’s a spoiled bitch. “I have none. I’m an only child. I’ve always wanted a big brother though.” Kolby is a great brother, aside from his overprotectiveness.
    I glance at Jax and admire his handsome face. “How about you?”
    Jax stretches his hands out, cups my cheeks and pulls me face-to-face close. “No siblings. I had a brother, but he passed away when I was eight. He was three years older than me and gave me my first taste of soccer. He would have been a pro. Even at nine, he lived and breathed soccer. It was devastating for all of us when he started to get sick. Mason died two years after he was diagnosed with Leukemia.”
    My heart sinks. I can’t even imagine how awful it would be to lose your sibling. I think of Kolby and how terrible it would be if he died. It brings tears to my eyes.
    “Hey,” Jax says as he brushes his thumbs tenderly under my eyes. “I didn’t mean to upset you. It was a long time ago. I miss him, and always will, but my life is good. My parents are awesome so don’t feel sorry for me.” His smile is just as tender as his touch.
    We stare at each other for a while, until our moment is interrupted.
    “Can I get you anything else,” the waiter asks.
    “A glass of water, please?” I’m thirsty and the wine isn’t quenching my thirst. If anything it makes my mouth a bit dry.
    “I’m good,” Jax says and pulls his credit card from his wallet.
    The waiter takes it, ducks his head, turns on his heel and leaves. A few minutes later, he returns with a glass of water, sets it in front of me along with a straw. He sets Jax’s credit card and receipt on the end of the table and leaves.
    After inserting the straw, I lean forward and suck in the cold wetness the ice water offers. I lift my eyes to find Jax staring at me. I suddenly feel nervous and begin chewing on my straw.
    Jax’s eyes shift to the straw. “Are you still hungry?” He’s staring at my lips.
    “No, why?”
    “You’re gnawing on that straw awfully hard.”
    “Oh. Sorry.” I chew on it again and then release it.
    “I can think of other ways to keep your mouth busy.” He grins.
    “Such a pervert.”
    “You’re right. I am.” He stretches his arms along the small table, grasps my fidgeting hands, pulls them to his lips, and kisses every one of my fingers. His lips are so soft, so sexy and his eyes hold me captive. “No need to be nervous. I’ll try not to bite you. Until later.” And the way he smiles, so seductively it’s sinful, then he slowly releases my hands, leaps from his seat and proffers his hand.
    “Sweetheart. We’ve been subpoenaed.”
    “What?” But before I can question him further, he sweeps me onto my feet and leads me out of the room and down a long winding hall.
    I hear music and know instantly a bar is at the end of this walkway.
    Reaching the dance floor, Jax laces his hand with mine, wraps his free arm around my waist and brings me flush against him. We sway to the music.
    “You ready to party?”
    I pin Jax with narrowed eyes. “What are you up to?”
    He raises our now clasped hands over my head and twirls me. Then he leans over me, forcing me into a low dip. Bringing me upright, he quickly brushes his lips over my mouth, then wiggles his brows. “Let the fun begin.”
    He spins me around and pulls me into him, my back flush with his chest, and palms the exposed flesh on my belly. We dance slowly like this for a while. God he’s beautiful, heated, sexy, sinful. I bet he’s a fantastic lover. Every move… sensual yet dangerous—I have to stop! Stop thinking like this. I feel the sticky wetness between my thighs and it’s not good because I want him to do things to me.
    Jax’s arms are wrapped around me and we’re slowly swaying to the music. I lean into his chest and he brushes the hair away from my neck, firmly planting his lips against the exposed flesh.

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