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Authors: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
will work.”
    “For what?” he asked.
    She grabbed one of the sharp-looking knives on the dresser and made a little slice above the knee.
    “Hold on, woman. Those are my favorite jeans,” he protested while she ripped.
    “Now they’re your favorite shorts. And call me ‘woman’ one more time, I will cut off your man berries.” She made another slit and tore the other leg. “Here. Put these on.”
    He stared at her, his gaze somewhere between irritated and deadly. He was a very convincing actor.
    Slowly, he shed his leather pants, dropping them to the floor. His thick cock hung low between his powerful thighs, which were dusted with dark hair.
    She gulped, unable to take her eyes away from his substantial penis.
    “Drink it in, meat wench. This teeny weeny is the closest you’ll ever get to such perfection,” he said, his deep, baritone voice filled with arrogance.
    Her eyes snapped up to meet his devilish gaze. “Oh, get over yourself. I’ll wait outside.”
    She left the room and slammed the door shut behind her, feeling like she couldn’t breathe. The man was…was…he was a cocky tyrant.
    And what just happened in there? He’d made her so scatterbrained that she’d acted like some insane woman. But something about him felt so different. Almost like she fed off of his crazy energy. It made her all giddy and smart-mouthed and fearless.
    Oh my God. Did I really grab that man’s crotch? She started to laugh. Wow, I really got into character. But if she didn’t somehow manage to get focused around him, he wouldn’t be ready for his part, she wouldn’t get paid, and she’d lose everything.
    Okay, Sadie. You can do this. You can do this. You are strong, independent and a fighter. She would not allow this man’s raw masculinity and overbearing machismo to get in the way of getting the job done.
    An image of him standing bottomless flashed in her mind. She’d never seen a more well-endowed, gorgeous, manly brick of muscles.
    This was going to be one hell of a week.
    After Sadie left his room, Andrus stood staring at the door, feeling winded and speechless. That woman was abrasive, bossy, and so godsdamned cruel, using her sexy little moves and body as a weapon against him. And the way she grabbed his cock, fearless and brazen, made him feel dizzy with lust.
    Who did she think she was, trying to subdue him with her feminine wiles? Did she think he was born yesterday?
    If she weren’t so beautiful, he would’ve taken her over his knee and taught her a lesson. Oh, wait. That sounds really nice. The thought of a little rough play with this saucy she-devil struck a sinful chord. She definitely brought out the dirty boy in him.
    Oddly enough, he’d actually been thinking of her when he tried to pop off a round just now. There’d been a moment at the restaurant, lying over her body, his cock snugly wedged between her thighs, that he couldn’t get out of his mind. She’d felt damned fantastic.
    Wait. This smells…fishy.
    He shook his head from side to side. It was no coincidence that his “teacher” was the sexy woman from the restaurant.
    Yes, this smells suspicious. Cimil is up to something. The issue being, one never knew what she was up to because her brain functioned in such a twisted manner that it was impossible to predict the angles. But one thing he knew for certain was that crazy goddess would always pretend to help while she led you into shark-infested waters. If you were lucky enough to survive, you’d surely be a few limbs short. She was the master of sadistic mind games, mayhem, and driving people to the brink of insanity, simply for the pleasure of watching them suffer.
    He rubbed his whisker-covered jaw. So what was Cimil up to? If she said that his second-chance mate was going to be at the party in six days, it was likely a lie. He’d show up to the party and find himself playing a pawn in some other game.
    No. That sounds too straightforward .
    Perhaps Cimil wished to

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