Christmas Delights 3

Free Christmas Delights 3 by Valynda King Kay Berrisford RJ Scott

Book: Christmas Delights 3 by Valynda King Kay Berrisford RJ Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Valynda King Kay Berrisford RJ Scott
and there. My excitement ebbing after noticing
the mess we just made.  “So you’re a top,” I mumbled the statement, sounding a
bit distracted as I looked around at the floor.
    “Not always.” Coolidge touched my shoulder to get my
attention. “River, what’s wrong, are we moving too fast?”
    “What? No, it’s just…” I sighed, “I can’t leave the clothes
on the floor like this.” I backed away and completely nude and erect I began
picking up our clothes, folding them and placing them neatly on the dresser. I
couldn’t believe it when I saw Coolidge doing the same thing. He asked where I
wanted the shoes and I showed him how they needed to be placed under the bed.
After everything was put away I was feeling better now that in its place.
    Coolidge looked at me cautiously not sure if we were going
to continue. “So are we good?” He didn’t sound judgmental, just anxious.
    I took pity on him. “Yes, everything is good?”
    With movements so fast I almost missed them, Coolidge
grabbed my arm and pulled me hard up against his chest. “Good, now where were
we? Oh yes I was saying that I’m not always a top.”
    “And I was saying, good because I’m not always a bottom” I
gave him a shy look. “And I can’t be on my hands and knees.”
    Coolidge smiled, grabbing the lube and condoms. “Again, I’m
good with that.”
    I got on the bed and pushed back, resting my head on the
pillow. Coolidge hovered over me. I reached up putting my arms around his neck,
pulling him down. “Fuck me,” I whispered before kissing him. Our bodies rubbed
together like flint trying to start a fire. He kissed his way down my body and
took me in his mouth. I arched up off the bed calling Coolidge’s name. I don’t
know when he opened the lube but suddenly I felt a slick finger poking at my
tight ring. After my hole relaxed his finger slipped in up to his knuckle. I
was moaning, pushing down, asking for more. When I felt the second finger and
he sucked me harder, I knew I wasn’t going to last. So I told him, “I won’t
make it, you have to do it, do it now Coolidge.”
    He pulled off me. “You’re not ready.”
    I nodded fast. “Yes, yes I am, fuck me now.”
    He slid his fingers out; I heard a rip and then I felt the
coolness of more lube. I loved that he didn’t want to hurt me. His spongy
mushroom head pushed against my entrance. I wrapped my legs around his waist;
he pushed and rocked, working his way in inch by glorious inch. He filled me,
stretched me more than I have ever been before. He started out slow, pulling
all the way out then pushing in. My eyes rolled up in my head.
    “That’s it, baby, take me.”
    “Yes, harder, faster.” I was begging.
    “Anything you want.” And he gave it to me. He found his
rhythm and started drilling into my ass like a jackhammer. Cliché it may be but
that’s what he was doing. I grabbed myself and started stroking in time with
his thrusts. And then he nailed my sweet spot.
    “Oh shit! Yes, that’s it, right there, hit it again.” I
couldn’t shut up. I just kept talking and the more I talked, the wilder he got.
“I’m coming, fuck, Coolidge, I’m coming.”
    He pulled my left leg over his shoulder. “Do it, baby, come
for me, let me see it.” And I did, again and again, all over my chest, stomach.
I think some even landed on my head. I clamped down on Coolidge and he pulsed
inside me, his movements became shaky and then he stiffened up. He let out a
scream that could get security called. He collapsed on top of me and tried to
catch his breath. Coolidge pushed up and slowly pulled out so as not to hurt
me. He held the end of the condom, removing it then tying off the end. He
searched for the trash can that was sitting in the corner and shot it in.
“Nothing but net, baby.” I rolled my eyes and went to get up, he held me down
and kissed me. “Can you lie here with me for a little bit or do you have to get
    “I can stay here.” I

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