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Authors: Remmy Duchene
Tags: General Fiction
Where'd he come from?"
    Even with his question, Jamal couldn't help laughing.
    When he was a kid he'd be one of those nosey little rats the gateman would shoo away from such gates.
    Parking, Jamal climbed from the car and closed the door after him. He leant against the car, crossed his ankles and folded his arms over his chest. Staring at the large house, he took a deep breath then looked to the left then the right. There was a Mercedes as well as an SUV already there. He wasn't sure he was ready for any of this, but for Savaro, the need to see that man smile outweighed the discomfort he was feeling. Taking another breath, Jamal reached into the passenger seat and pulled out a box of beer and made his way up the front steps. After knocking, he took a moment to slip his phone to vibrate and turned to look over the landscape of the yard. He could really get used to coming home to something like that.
    "Jamal? You all right?"
    Jamal turned around to see Savaro staring at him
    worriedly. Smiling, he reached in and pulled Savaro into his chest, taking his lips and kissing him soundly. He savoured the taste of his lover's mouth, basking in the sharp fire that soared through him with each pass of his tongue over Savaro's. When he pulled back, it was only out of the necessity to breathe. "Good evening," he whispered stealing another kiss.
    "Good evening indeed," Savaro smiled. "Kiss me again."
    Jamal groaned and kissed Savaro's head. "Unless we're alone right now, I advise against that kiss."
    "I see. Come on in."
    "So we aren't alone?"
    Jamal groaned, handing Savaro the box and closing the door. "A guy can dream," he muttered, then followed Savaro into the kitchen. Laird was there and the two shook hands.
    "Jamal, meet José. José, this is Jamal Kendricks,"
    Savaro made the introductions.
    Jamal shook José's hand but the tall man walked
    around Jamal, poking him from time to time and saying
    "uh-huh" over and over. Jamal looked over at Savaro who looked as though he wanted to bang his head into the wall and Laird looked as if he was trying to hold back his laughter.
    "Stop poking me," Jamal warned.
    "I'm making sure you have flesh on them bones,"
    José replied. "My friend here likes a man with meat on his bones, more cushion for the…" he trailed off, did a few pelvic thrusts then smirked. "Pushin' if you know what I mean."
    "Is he always like this?" Jamal questioned.
    Laird did laugh then. "Trust me, this is tame José.
    Come on, we should have dinner."
    "Who cooked?" Jamal questioned.
    "Not me, if that's what you wanted to know," José seemed down about that fact. "They won't let me go anywhere near the stove."
    "The last time we made him cook he caught the stove on fire," Savaro said, leading the herd for the dining room.
    Jamal sat to Savaro's left, between Savaro and
    Laird. He figured he needed some more time to get accustomed to José. The dinner went by rather well. Their conversations were somewhat out there but Jamal was beginning to learn Savaro couldn't live without it. After José left and Laird retired to the upstairs bedroom, Jamal stood by the window. He folded his arms across his chest and stared out, waiting for Savaro to finish a phone call. He was prepared to head back to the hotel but Savaro said they needed to talk. That was the kiss of death for him. Any man he'd ever dated that said those words always ended things.
    The truth was, he wasn't surprised Savaro wanted out.
    Savaro had been scared to get things started between them in the first place.
    Taking a deep breath, he put his phone back on ring and he listened to footsteps coming toward him down the hall. When they finally stopped at the door, Jamal braced himself for the worst. He turned and stared at Savaro who stepped into the room and closed the door quietly behind him.
    "I need to tell you something before this…
    whatever this is between us, gets any deeper. This is me giving you a chance to run."
    He arched a brow. "Savaro, what are

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