Favorite Places (A TroubleMaker Novel, #2)

Free Favorite Places (A TroubleMaker Novel, #2) by Kelly Gendron

Book: Favorite Places (A TroubleMaker Novel, #2) by Kelly Gendron Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Gendron
her skin, and the sound of his husky voice.
    “Sweetheart…” He
brushed a hand over her hair before grasping another wad of strands and giving it
a light tug. He looked deeply into her eyes. “I know you are.” He kissed her
hard. “That hot little pussy of yours, it’s so tight. I can feel your pulse, but
I can also feel you fighting it,” he said, trailing kisses from her mouth to throat.
Her hips gyrated, meeting his hand. The thrust of his fingers quickened. “Are
you waiting for me to kiss you?”
    “Yes. Yes, kiss
me.” That’s what she needed to finish. She tried to dip down to his delicious mouth,
but he held her back by the hair.
    “No. Not there.”
His eyes dropped to between her legs just as his thumb slipped lightly over the
hood of her clit. “Here,” he petted. “You want my mouth here, kissing you,
licking you, sucking your sweet juices from you right here, Jessina?”
    “Oh God!” Her
head fell back as she let out a cry. She dug her nails into his strong shoulder
blade. The image of his words, the heady tone of his voice, and the way he’d
said her name had stolen the last of her control.
    “I bet you taste
so fucking good.” He tugged her hair harder, bringing her to his mouth for a
    She bucked, cavorting
with his aggressive tongue and grinding against his gifted touch. Harder and faster,
he matched her wild movements. Every ounce of him shot between her legs. But only
his talented fingers and teasing thumb touched her there. And his touch was
amazing. Her insides clenched around his taking fingers, and her clitoris peaked
against his thumb.
    His eyes
darkened as he broke from her mouth. “Yes, that’s it. No more fighting. Fuck
those fingers with that hot little pussy. You fuck them real good, just like you’d
fuck me.”
    “Oh God!” she
screamed, it was the only words she could get out.
    “Yeah, there you
go. Just let it go. Cum for me, baby. Do it. Give me all that sweet cum,” he
grunted against her lips, petting and pulling her hair, finger-fucking her so
hard, so good.  
    Her body refused
to deny it any longer. She needed to do as he demanded. She needed to let go.
Hot liquid spilled from her body with her much needed release.
    She let out a
scream, and Chase was right there to drink those cries from her mouth too.
    Holding the tie, Chase
slipped the wide end down through the knot, centered, then tightened. What he
really needed to tighten was his control, for he’d lost it momentarily at the
sound of Jess’s cries, the light, musky smell of her sex, and the abandoned
look in her eyes just as she surrendered to him.
    He knew better than to mix business with pleasure. He’d done
it once before, and had almost lost everything. But Chase tried to convince
himself this time he could handle it. He could handle her.
    But when he caught the
desire in her eyes, he had to sedate it. And, yes, the situation had gotten
away from him. The second she let out that bittersweet cry, he had to finish
    Hey! Who the hell was
he to deny Little Miss Wholesome what she obviously needed?
    Besides, he hadn’t touched a woman in months, not one since
he’d met Jessina and fucked up everything with Caplin. A small part of him
secretly blamed her for that day, for he’d caught that same starved look in her
eyes on the trolley. And it had messed him up. He’d chased it, chased her, and
accused her of stealing from him. She may not have taken his luggage that day,
but she’d certainly stolen something from him. And he’d been missing it ever
since. She’d fucked-up his sensible brain, and his boorish reaction to it had
caused the poor girl to drop her late aunt’s ashes on the ground.
    God. Had I known that,
I would have… Who was he kidding? He was an asshole
and it wouldn’t have changed anything. The girl had just finished telling him
about her sordid childhood, and not five minutes later, he was all up in her
protected space.
    Much as he
tried, he

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