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who you are. They cannot know where you come from, or who your mother was, but most importantly, no one can ever know about Terrell. That is so important.”
    I frowned. “What am I supposed to say? Who am I?”
    He shrugged carelessly. “You are Fallon. Anything beyond that is no one’s concern. It is crucial that your origin remains concealed … for your own safety,” he tacked on as though as an enticement. “You will learn quickly that this world is nothing like yours. You must be careful who you trust. I can’t conceal the scent of your blood—”
    “Wait!” I interrupted, putting up a hand. “The scent of my blood? My blood smells?”
    “Of course,” he said as though I were an idiot for not realizing it. “You are half human after all and your human half gives off a unique…” he trailed off as he made circular motions with his hand. “Scent,” he finished lamely. “It’s not repulsive, just not something anyone here is used to. At least not directly.”
    “And is that a bad thing?” I wondered.
    “It can be, but I’m hoping we will remedy the situation soon.” He raised a hand to stop my new flood of questions. “For now, we must focus on Terrell and the importance of keeping him our little secret. If anyone were to ever learn of his existence, of what he can do, both our worlds will cease to exist.”
    “What does that even mean?” I wondered.
    “It means that there are those amongst us who will see your existence as the key to a war none of us are ready for.” Those dark, intense eyes shot to Isaiah. “As for you, I will find a safe transport back—”
    I felt Isaiah stiffen a split second before I did . “Back? Why am I going back?”
    Ashton’s tone was razor sharp and serrated with arctic winds. “Because you do not belong here, Isaiah. This is not your world.”
    Anger shot through me. “Then you might as well find a way back for both of us, because if he goes, I go.”
    “He is mortal, Fallon,” Ashton stressed. “His kind cannot survive here, nor is it allowed. It will be hard enough shielding you with your human half, but him…” He shook his head. “The guard will come for him. They will kill him.”
    “It’s fine.” Isaiah put a hand over mine, but his gaze remained firmly fixed on Ashton. “I understand.”
    “You do?” I sputtered in disbelief. “Because I don’t.”
    Isaiah turned to me. “My mission was to bring you home safely. Nothing else matters.”
    There it was again. He was making me sound like a job he couldn’t wait to chuck off.
    “That isn’t what I meant,” he muttered darkly.
    “Isn’t it? You seem perfectly happy to just dump me here and walk away.”
    “Stop putting words in my mouth!” he snapped. “If I can’t stay, what am I supposed to—”
    The carriage came to a jerking halt. The horses outside whinnied with displeasure. Their hooves cracked on cobblestone as they reared back.
    “Archer?” Ashton called.
    A second ticked by, then another. Then Archer’s voice, filled with tight apprehension. “Guards!”

    Chapter 5
    Ashton was out of his seat in a flash. His eyes were big and bright as they rounded on me. “Stay here. Stay down. Keep quiet.”
    He swung the door open before I could think to speak and vanished through. It closed with a resounding click.
    Isaiah caught my hand when I reached for the curtain over the window. I shook him off, but didn’t try again , nor did I look at him.
    “What is the meaning of this?” we heard Ashton demand from a short distance away. “These are restricted grounds. You have no authority here.”
    There was the gritting sound of rusty iron scraping together, the squeal of corroded hinges and parts moving. The ground rumbled. The carriage rattled. Above our heads, the lantern swayed dangerously. I gulped.
    “ Human traces were detected through the nexus,” came a hollow, tinny voice. It was close. Too close.
    “That’s ridiculous,” Ashton replied airily. “What

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