Thin Ice

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Authors: K. R. Bankston
slapped her again. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he bellowed.
    “After all the things I’ve done for you, you think you’re just gonna walk away and say to hell with you Evan?” he threw at her.
    He was breathing hard and looking hatefully at Jaleesa.
    “I kept your ass comfortable, bought you things, introduced your hood ass to Tristan, and this is how you repay my kindness?”
    Evan continued to look her over as she sat naked on the floor, feeling himself become aroused. He stood and walked over to Jaleesa, speaking slowly and deliberately.
    “Get up and come over to the bed,” he commanded.
    Jaleesa was repulsed at the thought, knowing what Evan had in mind.
    “Please Evan,” she began pleading as the man hit her again.
    “Shut the hell up,” he said coldly as he undressed.
    He slapped Jaleesa several more times making sure his point got across.
    “Thought you were so damned fly, kicking my ass to the curb and screwing Tristan huh,” Evan railed as he pulled the condom out of his pants pocket.
    He grabbed Jaleesa and turned her over, pushing her face into the pillow and pulling her to her knees, roughly assaulting her.
    Jaleesa was in excruciating pain. Evan was being extremely mean and spiteful.
    “Call my name like you used to bitch,” he commanded as he continued to thrust into his ex-lover. “Say it!” he yelled again.
    Jaleesa did as she was told hoping the carnage would soon end.
    “I’m the best fuckin’ man you’ll ever have,” Evan told her again as he continued, “No one else will ever give it to you better than I can,” he finished as Jaleesa felt him reach his peak.
    He collapsed on top of her, still whispering in her ear.
    “Don’t even think of telling anyone about my visit tonight or I’ll kill you,” he said harshly.
    Jaleesa was near tears. She was unarmed, thinking she was safe her in the penthouse. If I had my .380 right about now, Jaleesa thought remaining mute. She just wanted Evan to leave.
    “OK Evan, I hear you,” she finally replied as he rose and removed the condom dropping it on the floor beside the bed.
    “You ain’t as slick as you think your ass is,” Evan told her cryptically as he dressed and Jaleesa lay in bed watching him warily.
    “Thanks for the ass,” he told her cruelly throwing a one dollar bill on the nightstand. “I hope you saved some money, cause Tristan’s gonna find a new piece of ass here soon, and you’re going to be back in southwest where your trashy ass first started,” Evan finished and added a final insult by spitting on her before turning and leaving the way he came in.
    As soon as the door closed Jaleesa broke down sobbing deeply as she ran and locked the door, propping a chair behind it, then heading once more to the shower to wash off the grime she felt coating her skin from Evan’s touch.
    Kaitlyn sighed deeply and dialed Jaleesa’s number. They were supposed to have dinner tonight and she wanted to make sure they were still on. It’d been a while since they spent time; because of Jaleesa’s constant traveling. Tristan wanted her to be there every time he flew anywhere which was frequently. She doesn’t understand how deeply in the quicksand she is, no one does, Kaitlyn thought tiredly, trying daily to find a way out of the mess and save her friend’s life.
    “Hey girl,” Jaleesa answered trying to sound like herself. “You’re not canceling are you,” she asked, needing very much to get out of the apartment and enjoy a normal evening.
    Kaitlyn chuckled slightly and told her no, she was actually confirming. They both laughed and Jaleesa told her they were still on.
    “Great, I’ll meet you at Savannah Grill in twenty minutes,” Kaitlyn replied still chuckling as they disconnected.
    Jaleesa arrived first and headed inside garnering them a table by the window. As she sat and waited, Jaleesa ordered a drink and tried to relax. Her mind replayed for her the horror she’d endured only a

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