Three the Hard Way: A Play in Two Acts

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Authors: Linda Eisenstein
made a deal with him to take us out, and then while his back was turned, you sneak in and promise to beat his price."
    Walker laughed. "Well, you know, it was your choice to take advantage of my charter as opposed to his. I did not force to you get on this boat."
    "That’s true, all very true," I finally stood up and said. "But I get the feeling that this wasn’t the first time that you stole a customer from Mr. Springer."
    Once again, Walker laughed, but this time it was more of a nervous laugh as me and Kevon stood close to him. "What you must understand is that this is business and sometimes in business, you must be aggressive if you wish to do well."
    "Nobody understands that point better than I do," I told Mr. Walker. "However, Mr. Springer is a good man with a business to run, too."
    Kevon put his arm around Walker. "You think what you are doin’ is fair? I mean fair to Springer?"
    "All is fair in business."
    I laughed. "Mr. Springer is a very good friend of mine, so what you’re doin’, it ends today. From now on, if somebody approaches him, you will leave them to him. If somebody approaches you, he will extend you the same courtesy. And tomorrow morning, another friend of mine is goin’ to come around, and he’ll let you know how much it’s gonna cost you to do business at my dock."
    "Are you trying to intimidate me?"
    "Not at all," I said. "I’m not trying to intimidate you. I’m tellin’ you how things are gonna be from this point forward."
    Walker turned to his men. "Pull up the anchor and take us back to the dock right away. I want you off my boat."
    Kevon took out his gun and pointed it at the two crewmen. "Don’t do a thing."
    Walker looked at Kevon and then back at me, by that point I had my gun out and was pointing it at Walker’s head.
    Kevon leaned close to Walker. "Are you intimidated now?"
    Walker raised his hands slowly. "Yes," he said quietly. Kevon punched him in the stomach and Walker fell to his knees.
    "You there," Kevon said to one of the crewmen. "Get me a rope," he said and turned back to Walker. "I don’t think you have a good understanding of what I am saying just yet."
    "I understand," Walker said, still on his knees gasping for air.
    When the crewman returned with the rope, Kevon told him to tie one end to the bow and the other around Walker’s ankles. When the rope was tied, Kevon turned to the crewmen. "Now you can pull up the anchor and get this boat moving." They did as they were told and took off slowly.
    Me and Kevon helped Walker get up and carried him to the side of his boat. Then we picked him up by his legs and slowly lowered him, face first, into the water.
    "Okay, you can stop now," I said and looked at Kevon. "Pull him up."
    "You understand now?" Kevon asked Walker.
    Walker began spitting out water and trying to catch his breath.
    "I don’t think he’s got it yet," I said, and we lowered him back into the water. "Move it a little faster this time."
    By this time, Walker’s crewmen were smiling and gladly did what they were told. They thought that Walker had it coming to him and seemed glad to be a part of it.
    "Okay," I said again, and they brought the boat to a stop.
    Once again, Kevon asked, "You understand now?"
    "Yes, yes," Walker spit out quickly before he started coughing and spitting water.
    "Good, man," Kevon said, and we pulled Walker back into the boat.
    "You can take us back now," I said. "But take your time. I love being on the water."
    Chapter Eleven
    It was already raining early the following morning. While Black was making arrangements for them to leave the island before the storm hit, he got a call from Chang. He had just returned to Freeport from his trip to Cuba and was anxious to get together with Black to discuss the details of their venture.
    "To be honest with you, Chang, I was making plans to get off the island before you called," Black told Chang. "Why don’t we get together when we get back to New York? This way Martin will

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