Dazzled by Silver
lights lit every edge, post and corner of an enclosed cabana. Cream sofas and lounge chairs were set up around a quaint table. To the left, a Jacuzzi tub bubbled invitingly. The drinks we ordered had already been brought up. He passed me a fruity concoction. Someone laughed out loud breaking the stillness.
    “We’re a little higher than the public area.”
    I stepped closer to a railing on one side and gasped. The conversations I’d heard now made sense. Guests mingled below us on another level of rooftop. Trees and the flower vines shielded us from their view. They had no idea we could see and hear them from above.
    “This is a private area. No one comes in unauthorized.” With that, Gabe clicked another button on his phone, and the security box by the door flashed red.
    My mouth was dry, and I lifted my drink to my lips. The alcohol was beginning to take effect, relaxing my muscles.
    Sliding my hands along the railing I stepped to the other end of the veranda. A corridor of buildings stretched to my left and continued off to the right. The end of Fifth Avenue was invisible. Looking straight ahead between the buildings, the Hudson River glistened, reflecting the moon and clear night sky.
    Once in a while, a car honked, brakes screeched, and faint sounds of fire truck sirens in the distance completed the cityscape.
    “It’s beautiful.”
    “It is.”
    I hadn’t noticed when Gabe stepped behind me. The scene in front of me held me captive.
    “You look mouth-watering tonight.”
    That funny, nervous feeling returned to my stomach.
    “Did you like my gift?” He teased my shoulders with a gentle massage.
    “I’m wearing it.”
    “Let me see.” He turned me around to face him.
    “What?” Did he expect me to lift my dress for him?
    “You know I’ll see them anyway, but I’d like to see you wearing them before they’re on the floor in pieces.”
    “You can’t tear these off!” I protested.
    “I’ll get you another pair.” He took a step back and crossed his arms as if waiting for a show.
    “No, not these.” I flattened my palms against my front protecting the black lace under my dress.
    He sighed. “Fine, I won’t ruin them, but I want to see them on you.”
    Inhaling deeply, I lowered my hands, shut my eyes and slowly lifted my dress. A cool breeze blew between my thighs. For a moment, I thought I’d heard the gentle whistle of the wind. When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was Gabe, standing inches away from me.
    “I wore them every day,” I whispered, letting go of my dress. “I couldn’t resist knowing your mouth had been on them.”
    “I hoped you would. After tonight, you won’t need panties to remember my mouth on you.”
    I sucked in a sharp breath of air before Gabe’s lips crushed mine. He wrapped his arms around me. I let go of my dress, tangling my fingers in his hair. The city sounds in the distance mixed with my pounding heart. I scraped his scalp gently with my nails, and then dragged them lower, smoothing the pads of my fingers along his hairline.
    He collided with my body and the growth in his pants pushed against me. My back pressed to the railing. His heartbeat pulsed through his jugular under my fingers. I stood higher on my toes, feeling his rigid contour with my lower half before he pulled away.
    Gabe’s face appeared composed, but his heavy breathing betrayed him. His eyes glistened with both desire and confusion. What was he thinking?
    “No strings attached?” he asked.
    “None.” I tried to unwind the invisible knots that tied me to him, but couldn’t. What if I wanted another night of passionate sex? His touch at the strip club last week had been only a temporary relief. Would tonight be it? Would this fling be over too soon?
    He frowned and walked toward the cabana.
    “What’s the matter, Gabe?” I followed.
    A slight buzzing sounded, and Gabe checked his phone. His brow narrowed as he shut it off and stuffed it back in his pocket.
    When he finally looked at

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