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Book: Alien's Princess Bride by Sue Lyndon, Sue Mercury Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sue Lyndon, Sue Mercury
    The bluest eyes he’d ever glimpsed stared back at him. Wavy golden hair flowed past her shoulders and freckles dotted her cheeks and nose. Her skin was pale and delicate, and his fingers tingled with the urge to caress her feminine softness. Though she was slender, her hips flared wide. Perfect for childbearing, he noted. And, ah, what full, plump breasts. Perfect for…other things.
    Though normally calm and confident, Zarr’s voice failed him. Not only could he not think of anything to say to his beautiful new bride, but his throat momentarily closed up on him. She stood before him and sat a bag down at her feet, then peered at him with worry clouding her gaze.
    Was she as nervous as him? Did she find him pleasant to look upon?
    Finally, he cleared his throat and reached a hand out to her.
    “Human girl, Elizabeth. I am Zarr of the planet Sepkar.”
    Is that all he could think of saying? He felt his face flushing. Goddess Tika, he was a fool. The tall alien had already introduced them.
    Despite his less-than-adequate greeting, Elizabeth smiled and accepted his hand. The air buzzed with electricity as he touched her, and all noise and activity around them faded. Sepkar could’ve stopped spinning for all he knew.
    “I’m pleased to meet you,” she said, bowing her head slightly. A blush stained her cheeks and she looked away, as if embarrassed.
    They were strangers and yet today they would be married. A mass nuptial ceremony incorporating both human and Sepkarian traditions would take place after nightfall.
    His mind raced with images of this petite human girl becoming his, of her laying naked in their marriage bed as she awaited him to claim her. His cock went hard at the thought and he shifted his stance, hoping she didn’t venture a look at his crotch. The last thing he wanted was to scare her. He’d heard human females could be capricious.
    “I worried you wouldn’t be able to speak English and that we’d have difficulty understanding one another. I’m happy we can talk.” Her lips turned up in another brief smile and a light breeze ruffled her long locks of hair, and with her face still flushed she looked like a woman who’d just been roughly tumbled by her lover.
    This thought didn’t help the dire situation in his groin area. If his cock became any harder, it would bust out the front of his pants when he started walking.

Chapter One
    “I never in a million years thought I’d be signing up for a mail order bride service, let alone one called Mail Order Human . Good God, this is mad.”
    “No, it’s not mad. Staying on Earth would be mad.”
    Elizabeth peered into her cousin Fiona’s sad, beseeching gaze. Once upon a time, her blue eyes had held a constant twinkle of mischief, but even under the beaming sun on a cloudless day along the coast of Cumbria, Fiona’s eyes appeared a listless shade of gray.
    A lump burned in Elizabeth’s throat. She smoothed the wrinkles out of the blanket spread beneath them and flicked a stray ant back into the lush, green grass. Her hand lingered on the ground and she dug her fingers into the soil, unearthing the cool dirt as her chest tightened with the longing to stay.
    But Fiona was right. The sooner she left, the better. Remaining on Earth meant probable death, and a gruesome one at that.
    All around the world, presidents and leaders were falling and paying the price for the wars, famines, and diseases that were ravaging the planet. Even though Elizabeth’s parents had already been put to death by an angry mob five months past, there were those who wished to see her swinging at the end of a rope as well. She shuddered at the prospect of falling victim to such barbaric violence.
    “I wish we’d been born sisters rather than cousins. Then I wouldn’t have to leave.” Elizabeth reached for Fiona’s hand and gave it a firm squeeze.
    Fiona laughed. “I used to be jealous of you and wish I’d been born into your family. I used to think it odd

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