Kilty Pleasure

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Book: Kilty Pleasure by Shelli Stevens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shelli Stevens
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
her. Taste her. Pull her down onto the thick carpet and make love to her until neither could think straight.
    Christ, he was being a bastard. She’d just had a run-in with her ex that had clearly left her upset, and he couldn’t for the life of him walk away right now. Couldn’t make himself let her go.
    Beneath her robe, her chest rose and fell with the uneven breaths she drew in. But she didn’t seem panicked. If anything, he could swear she was growing just as aroused as he was.
    If he slipped his fingers into the part of her robe, between her thighs, would he find her ready?
    She gave a small shake of her head, drew in a ragged breath. “We shouldn’t.”
    “But you want to.”
    “I want to,” she admitted, her words barely audible as her heated gaze met his unflinchingly.
    Triumph seared through him and he slipped a finger into the knot of her belt again, loosening it and then untying it completely.
    The robe was still closed, and he waited again to see if she’d protest. There was nothing but silence, loaded with mutual anticipation.
    He reached for the lapels of her robe and curled his fingers around each side, tugging them apart.
    Just as he’d hoped, her body slid into view completely, without a stitch of clothing.
    Her breasts were a nice handful, sloped upward and crowned with dark, berry-colored tips that were already hard. Her stomach was flat, slightly defined even, and below it her hips flared just enough to give her feminine curves. But the pink folds of her sex were bare, and her thighs were so tightly pressed together he could only guess how ready she was.
    He stepped closer and lifted a hand to push the robe off her shoulders and then down her body.
    “Feel free to tell me to stop at any point.” His words were husky with challenge and arousal.
    They both knew if she hadn’t stopped him yet, she probably wouldn’t.
    No matter how much they called to him, he avoided kissing her sweet lips. It was too intimate. Too romantic. And what was happening between them was lust. Pure and simple. He couldn’t afford to lose his head anymore than he already had over this woman.
    He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the side of her neck and was rewarded with her ragged breathing. He smiled slightly and inhaled the faint smell of soap on her clean, soft skin.
    “I think I hate you, Colin.”
    “Aye, I think you must.” He kissed her neck again, and moved a hand boldly between her closed thighs. Maneuvering his fingers slightly, he slid one inside her and was welcomed by her hot slickness. He didn’t bother to hide his own groan of arousal. “But you also want me.”
    His words were a gamble, and they’d either anger her into pushing him away, or—
    “All right then, what are you going to do about it?” She slid her hands up to his shoulders, her nails biting into the skin as she pressed down on them.
    The realization of what she wanted—that she was urging him to his knees—upped his arousal about a hundred percent.
    With a low growl, he sank down in front of her and cupped her hips, pulling her forward.
    He breathed in the perfumed scent of her arousal, slid his tongue over the smooth flesh and then inside her.
    One taste of her must be what it was like doing heroin for the first time. He was in heaven, and completely and thoroughly fucked.

Chapter Seven
    She was out of her mind. And right now she couldn’t even begin to care. There were so few moments in life where she could find and even indulge in pleasure—dammit, she was going take this one.
    Hailey fell back against the wall, glad it was there to help hold her up as Colin went down on her.
    Colin McLaughlin —the man she wanted to kick in the balls half the time—had his face buried between her legs right now.
    Oh God. What the hell was she doing? Reason tried to creep in, but there really wasn’t a place for it at the moment.
    Not with the way Colin was pleasuring her into mindlessness.
    She gripped his shoulders, riding his tongue

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