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Authors: C. P. Mandara
    The Riding School first published in 2013 by Pandora's Jar. Subsequently published in 2013 by Chimera eBooks.

    Chimera ( ki-mir'a, ki- ) a creation of the imagination, a wild fantasy.
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    This novel is fiction - in real life practice safe sex.
    To the Aftermath of Dreams, which are always in colour .
    Late for an Important Date
    The Tack Room
    Silenced and Measured f or Size
    The Exam, P art I
    The Exam, P art II
    Book One - The Riding School
    Late for an Important Date
    Jenny was late. That was one of the perks of being the daughter of Michael Redcliff, the millionaire oil tycoon; it meant you could get away with almost anything. Today she was late for riding classes.
    Normally, an instructor would visit their stables and tutor her one-on-one. On this particular day, she had been ousted from her bed at a ludicrously early hour and packed off to the countryside. Her father had personally recommended the Albrecht Stables, which had meant she'd had to journey for four hours in his personal limo, to the depths of Lincolnshire, for a week's instructor training. She hadn't wanted to come and had no intention of actually becoming an instructor in the arts of horsemanship, far too fond of lazing in bed until midday and then shopping and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Her father had insisted that she take this course, however, mainly due to the fact that his mistress was arriving tomorrow and he had wanted the house to himself. He'd threatened to cut her allowance if she didn't attend, so there hadn't been a choice in the matter.
    Staring out of the window, whilst sipping Crystal, Jenny thought her week was going to be one of the most boring on record. She was to lodge at the Pony Rides Hotel and by all accounts the nightlife nearby was not some of the most exhilarating. There was always the possibility that a cute guy would be taking the course but if that failed, she 'd probably play hooky and sneak back down to London. She'd lifted her father's credit card from his wallet before leaving and as he had so many, there was little chance of him noticing.
    ' We're here, Miss Redcliff,' a nod from the driver.
    ' You've got to be kidding me,' said Jenny, her mouth dropping in horror. The Pony Rides Hotel looked like something out of Anne of Green Gables . The building featured traditional wood panels, ornate woodwork and looked ridiculously old-fashioned. Whoever named the hotel should be shot, she thought, because already she was imagining snotty-nosed children running around, yelling and screaming or demanding ice-cream.
    Without a word of thanks Jenny waited for the chauffeur to open her door and carry her bags, all eight of them, to the reception desk. She took her own sweet time, admiring her reflection in a monogrammed silver compact mirror, before sauntering casually inside.
    There was no-one at the reception desk when she entered, which gave

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