Burned (Beautiful Mess)

Free Burned (Beautiful Mess) by S.C. Rosemary, S.N. Hawke

Book: Burned (Beautiful Mess) by S.C. Rosemary, S.N. Hawke Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.C. Rosemary, S.N. Hawke
question, huh?” Ethan pretended to be scared. “Ask away, Miss Proper.”
    “That dating ad you posted,” I had been thinking about this for days. I had to get it out of my mind. “I am sure there were other girls responded to it? Are you seeing them too?” I didn’t know what kind of things I had going on with Ethan. But I was tired of guessing. I had to ask.
    “To be honest?” Ethan raised his eyebrows. “I did meet up with some of them. But most girls I went out with were just boring. They didn’t understand half of the things I say. But you are different, Dana. You are smart, elegant and…interesting. Of course you are beautiful too, and that helps but that’s not the most important...”
    Ethan’s confession struck me. I took a step back and tried to steady myself. Did all people in law school talk so smoothly? I wouldn’t use those nice words Ethan used to describe me. If he really thought I was that good, I would have a hard time to live up to his expectation.
    Ethan stepped closer. He held my hand again and I instantly got reminded how good it felt to be connected with him. My doubts vanished and I just I wanted to hold his hand and walk through the spring. His gaze locked on mine. “Now, Dana, I have another question.”
    “What is it?” I whispered. I didn’t want to look away. His eyes were so captivating in the dark. I was mesmerized.
    “Would you consider being my girlfriend, Miss Proper?” He said in a low voice. He squeezed my hand a little, making his point.
    I felt fainted.  I might actually faint! Breathe! I told myself. I totally didn’t see that question coming. Why would he ask me so soon? But that’s what I was looking for, right? I had been searching for a boyfriend for months. This was just too good to be true.
    I waited too long to answer. Ethan dropped his gaze and shifted his feet. “It doesn’t have to be something serious for now if that’s what you’d like,” he said softly. He sounded discouraged, like a wounded puppy. The light went out in him and something was emerging in the shadow. He always appeared to be confident. I could never imagine he could be suddenly so disheartened.
    “No, no, no,” I exclaimed before the air went completely chill. “I was just surprised,” I laughed nervously. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I hope Ethan wasn’t joking or change his mind the next second. “Of course, I would love to!” I caught up my breath. I took Ethan’s other hand and squeezed both of his hand, expressing my enthusiasm.
    “I am glad,” Ethan smiled. “I know this might be a little bit too soon. But I hope you understand…” He stopped the sentence.
    I narrowed my eyes. Understand what? Now I really don’t understand.   My brained had no room for puzzles right now. It was filled with excitement and anticipation. Now we can watch movies, go kayaking, visit museums and hold hands! Wait, we had already been doing that last item. Oh, there was another thing! We haven’t kissed yet! Now I really don’t understand.
    “I have to go back to the library to finish up my project,” Ethan said quickly before I could ask anything. “May I walk you to the dorm, girlfriend?” He emphasized the word “girlfriend” as if I needed to be reminded.
    “Of course,” I said. What I really wanted to ask was that “ aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend supposed to kiss? ”  But I was too timid and scared to ask that. Knowing Ethan, he probably would kiss me right away. It would be so easy for him. But I wanted my first kiss to be memorable, not the Prince Charming bring Snow White back to life that kind of kiss, but at least it would make me have some butterflies when I recall it in the future.  
    “So, my parents are going to attend a performance of the Royal Ballet this weekend. I would like to invite you to join us,” Ethan said as we walked back toward my dorm.
    “Really?” I would get to watch the world famous Royal Ballet? That’s beyond

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