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Authors: Donna Cummings
beating for several long seconds.
    Yet it was the mischievous sparkle in those innocent eyes, and the utterly bold manner in which she had inspected his costume, which made him smile now. She had not swooned or fainted when he kissed her. Instead she had accused him of distracting her from her purpose. He laughed at the unexpected notion.
    What could such a spirited miss want from a highwayman?
    Gabriel reached into his boot for the jewel case. He opened it, catching his breath once more at the display of rubies, the pigeon's-blood-red gems given to the Westbrook brides for numerous generations.
    The jewels brought an answering flood of memories: the carriage accident, his parents' lifeless bodies, the hands around his throat, choking the life from his ten-year-old body.
    He returned his attention to Westbrook Hall. The carriage was leaving the driveway, heading towards the mews. The bold miss was safely inside the foyer, most likely on her way to meet with her betrothed.
    "Gilbey, return to the abbey. I shall meet up with you later."
    The gap-toothed lad did not try to hide his skepticism. "You do not want to seek out another coach this evening?"
    Gabriel shook his head, dislodging a blond strand. He tucked it back inside the leather queue.
    "I have something else I must do first," he replied.
    Gilbey chuckled. "The lengths you go to in order to steal more kisses."
    Gabriel tightened his grip on the reins while Eclipse pranced and pawed at the ground, mirroring Gabriel's excitement. "I can assure you I have more in mind than stealing kisses."
    Gilbey held his gaze, clearly wanting to say more. Finally his lips tilted up in a wry fashion. "The better part of valor is not questioning your actions any further?"
    "Something like that," Gabriel said, returning the smile. "Say nothing to Jamie of what has transpired this night. I shall tell him upon my return."
    Gilbey nodded, and shot him a quick salute. "Godspeed then."
    Gabriel touched his heels to the stallion's flanks, and galloped off towards Westbrook Hall.

    About the Author :
    I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorous contemporary and historical romances.
    Currently I reside in Massachusetts, although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, consuming mojitos for breakfast and wearing flip flops year-round.
    I can usually be found at the local Starbucks, fine-tuning my caffeine levels while working on my latest manuscript, or on Twitter, chatting about writing, and coffee.
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