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Authors: Laurann Dohner
    “I’m okay. The pain is gone.”
    “I see you’re still suffering an erection. I’m going to have
to drain the blood if that side effect doesn’t go away within a few hours.”
    Smiley reached down and protected his crotch with one hand. “No.
I told you that already when you mentioned it the first time.”
    “Priapism can cause you to suffer erectile dysfunction in
the future, Smiley.”
    “What is that?”
    “Priapism means long-term erections. Can you ejaculate?”
    The memory of being on top of Vanni, inside her and coming
flashed through Smiley’s mind. “Yes.”
    “We’re not like you,” Fury reminded the younger of the two
Harris doctors who worked for the NSO—father and son. “None of us who have
taken the breeding drug have trouble getting hard afterward. That was the point
when Mercile created it. They wanted to make sure we had sex often when they
were attempting to impregnate our females.”
    “Do you feel like yourself?” Dr. Harris studied Smiley.
    “I’m a bit irritated but I’m fine.” He’d feel better if they
located Vanni and brought her to Homeland so he knew she was safe. “The stomach
cramps are gone.”
    “How are your levels of aggression?”
    “Still high.” He wouldn’t lie. The urge to hit something was
there but he resisted. The last thing he wanted was to be restrained if they
worried he would hurt someone. “It’s manageable.”
    “Some of our tests have been confirmed. It is a form of the
breeding drug, albeit a milder version. I wish I could send it off to a friend
of mine to look at but Justice said no.”
    “The last thing we need is to hand another weapon against us
over to unknowns.” Fury’s phone beeped. He retrieved it and he glanced at the
screen. “I’m with Justice on this. It’s too risky. Hang on. I have to take
this.” He rushed out of the room.
    “What would the milder version do to a human?”
    “I’m not sure. I’d have to examine her. I was told she
escaped custody.”
    “Is she going to die?”
    “I don’t know.”
    It infuriated Smiley. “What do you know?”
    Dr. Harris backed away. “Calm down.”
    “I just keep thinking she woke up in pain and ran away. She’s
probably suffering and some male could come across her. He could do anything to
her.” His voice took on a gruff sound and his hands fisted. “She’s defenseless.”
    “Listen to me,” the doctor urged, “I tested both drinks. The
amount of the drug was higher in your drink than in hers. You’re cranky but
fine. The pain is gone. You’re just moody as shit. I’m sure she’s probably the
same. I read the report. According to her height and approximate weight, I don’t
think it was a toxic amount.”
    That made him feel better.
    “Unless she has health issues. Those are things I can’t
factor in.”
    He wanted to hit the doctor. “Go.”
    “Smiley, I really think I should run a few blood tests on
    “Get out before I strike you. I’m about to.”
    Dr. Harris left in a hurry. Fury returned.
    “Who called? Have they found Vanni?”
    Fury hesitated. “Someone responded to the APB the police put
out. A witness said he saw a female fitting her description getting into a
truck with another female. She appeared to be fine but the witness remembered
her because her skirt was ripped near the hem and she wasn’t wearing shoes. He
thought she might be homeless.”
    “Were they able to track that truck?”
    “He didn’t catch the license plate or where it headed. They
pulled her driver’s license information and two police officers are parked
outside her apartment. No one answered when they knocked. They are watching in
case she returns home. We’ll find her, Smiley. The good news is that she’s with
a female. No male took her.”
    “All right.” He took deep breaths. “I need an outlet for the
rage. I’m not in pain but I’m pissed.”
    “We’ll go to the training room. I’m sure someone will spar
with you.”
    He nodded.

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