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Authors: Laurann Dohner
It grew hard fast enough to give him a head rush
from blood converging in his lower region. Anger and the knowledge that at
least three other individuals watched them cooled his desire to keep kissing
    He glowered at Varion as he snapped his head to the right. “What
did you say?”
    “Carry her inside my quarters and I’ll scan her slower. I
missed something. She is acting irrational.”
    The hands curved around his face tightened their hold as she
tugged at him. Blackie resisted the urge to lower her to the floor and resume
the physical violence with Varion. He allowed her to adjust his head until they
peered at each other. The tears in her eyes caused him alarm.
    “Are you hurt? Did I bump you too hard against the wall when
I pinned you?” He shifted his stance to put some room between their chests. He
regretted stopping her from attacking the other cyborg but concern for her
safety when he’d seen her intention had been an impulse he couldn’t deny. He
had grabbed her before she had a chance to engage in a fight.
    “You’re really here with me?”
    The unshed tears that shimmered in her blue eyes caused him
to want to pull her closer again and hug her tightly. Protective instincts he
hadn’t known existed swelled inside him until he had to clear his throat of the
lump that formed. She appeared afraid yet hopeful at the same time.
    He expected her to bite him again when she threw her head
forward but instead she just nuzzled her face against his throat. The feel of
her nose and lips lightly brushing his skin made his erect cock twitch. She
sniffed at him, it tickled, and her limbs wrapped around him. Arms looped over
his shoulders and tightened around his neck as her thighs parted to hook around
his waist.
    He turned his body slightly and frowned at the other woman
who cautiously approached, worry evident on her features. The sniffing stopped
but the woman in his arms only tightened her hold, burying her face more snugly
against his throat. The soft growl from her was alarming but she didn’t bite.
    “Eve? I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen good-looking
men and we’re both really happy to learn that cyborgs have thrived since
leaving Earth, but you might want to let that one go. He, uh, is taking your
joy that they are alive a bit personal.”
    Blackie glared at the other woman who openly stared at his
groin, knew she referred to his aroused state. He didn’t mute his anger when
she lifted her gaze to meet his.
    “Back off,” he ordered.
    Danica halted. “Put her down.”
    “Leave us alone,” Eve murmured against his skin. She sniffed
at him again and her fingers slid into his hair at the base of his neck to
cradle his head. “Go away, Danica.”
    The other woman refused to retreat. “You’re acting like I do
when it’s been too long since I got laid and I’m in heat.” She wrinkled her
nose and inhaled sharply a few times. “Nope. You’re good. It’s not that time of
the month.”
    Blackie accessed his knowledge of a canine going into heat
and it only made the desire to be alone with Eve grip him more. The concept of
her physically aching to have sex every month excited his libido. He would give
her whatever she needed. His cock twitched again, agreeing wholeheartedly with
that plan.
    “What is she doing?” Gene stepped closer to stand behind
    “I don’t know but I see what he wants to do.” She glared at
Blackie. “She’s got a head injury and she’s not herself. Put her down and step
    Eve slowly withdrew her face from his neck and another growl
rumbled from her parted lips when her head turned until she could see Danica.
Her chest vibrated from the low, dangerous sound. His hold on her tightened and
he adjusted her in his arms to keep her there in case she tried to attack the
other woman.
    Danica took a step back, bumped into Gene and lifted her
hands, palms out. Worry lined the woman’s features. “Easy. What is wrong

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