Free Anonymity by Amber Lea Easton

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Authors: Amber Lea Easton
have, you know. I like being with you. We are still having fun, right?"
    "Definitely, yeah." He fell into step with her as they walked back onto the trail.
    "I mean...we were just making out behind a temple..."
    "I know. I was just wondering what your impression of me is. This ask-no-questions-give-no-answers arrangement is new to me, that's all. It's a one night stand that's continuing on and on, never ending—"
    " Wow, that sounds horrible. Thanks a lot."
    "No, I'm happy about us, I am. That's not what I'm saying."
    "What are you trying to say?"
    He laughed and shook his head. "Seriously, forget it. I think too much."
    "I've noticed." Rattled, she started thinking of other answers she should have given.
    "For the record, I shave on a regular basis when I'm home and I can't ever imagine living in that village. I know you met me when—"
    "Okay, whoa." She stopped and adjusted the backpack straps over her shoulders. "You're used to impressing women with whatever it is you do for a living, aren't you? Did I insult you when I suggested you could fit in living in a tree house?"
    The thought simultaneously amused and intrigued her. Up until this minute, she hadn't wondered about his life back in the States. Actually, as far as she knew, he could be Canadian. She had no idea and that's how she'd wanted it.
    When he looked guilty, she laughed and snagged both of his hands in hers. "You know what impresses me? You laugh a lot. You get along with everyone you meet, very sociable guy. You obviously have a big heart, I can tell because of the way you talk about your family. You kiss me like I'm the only woman in the world. That impresses me, Luke. I didn't mean anything by the tree house comment."
    His embarrassment only made her desire him more. He pulled her down the trail where the High Tower of Lamanai loomed over the trees in the distance. The sounds of nature, the overwhelming scent of flora, and the view of ruins from an ancient city laid out in front of her planted her firmly in the moment.
    Going out of her comfort zone had its perks. She'd need to make sure she found new places to explore at least once a year.
    "Stand there. I'll take your picture with that in the background," he offered when she simply gaped at the view. "Give me your camera."
    She handed it to him as if on automatic pilot , transfixed by the view. Posing with hands on hips, she smiled for the several shots he took "to make sure he got it right." Looking at him, she felt a tug in her heart. 
    "You look like a fierce adventurer." He put her camera down and pulled out h is own. "Don't move. I need to take my own."
    Her smile widened with surprise that he'd want photographic evidence of her existence. Now that she knew pictures were on the table, she'd ask someone in the group to take one of them together.
    "You're a hard person to figure out," she said when he handed her the camera.
    "How so?" He snapped off a few pictures of the view himself before meeting her gaze.
    "It doesn't matter, just thinking out loud." She turned her back on him and reminded herself why she'd wanted a simple fling and nothing more. She didn't want the answers to the questions that tumbled into her brain like where he lived, what his life was like, and if he believed in long distance relationships.
    Damn it. I'm being the typical woman not the think-like-a-man person I wanted to be when I started this. She kicked a pebble down the path.
    * * *
    They raced each other to the top of the High Temple of Lamanai, taking the ancient stone steps two at a time. He didn't know why he felt like a teenager around her, but he liked it. Laughing, he stood on the top of the temple and soaked it in. Mountains to the West and ocean to the East, nothing but jungle between each. His imagination took him back to Mayan times where he visualized a bustling city beneath them.
    "You cheated. Let me guess, you climb mountains in your spare time." She sat on the top step and waved to the others

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