Carthage Must Be Destroyed

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Authors: Richard Miles
infantry in Hannibal’s army
    outside city
    Censorinus, Lucius Marcius, consul (149 BC)
    and siege of Carthage
    Cerne Island
    Chaereas, historian
    Chandragupta, Indian king
    Cheiromos, metal caster
    child sacrifice during siege
    Cicero, Marcus Tullius
    Cinyps, Libya, Spartan settlement
    Circeii, Latium
    Cisalpine Gaul
    Celtic mercenaries from
    Hannibal in
    Rome and
    cisterns, and washrooms in Carthage
    Clastidium, betrayed to Hannibal
    Claudius Nero, Gaius, consul (208)
    Claudius Pulcher, Publius, Roman consul
    Cleitarchus, account of child sacrifice
    Clement of Alexandria clementia
    Clitomachus (Hasdrubal), philosopher
    Cnidus, Greek colonists from
    Coelius Antipater, Roman writer
    coins and coinage
    bronze; Numidian; Roman; Syracuse
    b’rst superscription
    at Capua
    Carthaginian, for Syracuse
    copper-alloy with arsenic
    double shekel (Hannibal)
    electrum; Sicily
    gold, Sicily
    Libyan mercenaries’ own
    military (Sicily)
    to pay mercenaries
    silver; Barcid Spanish; denarius (Rome); Roman; Sicily; Syracuse; tetradrachms (Pyrrhus); tetradrachms (Sicily)
    triple shekel (Barcid Spain)
    see also currency; mints
    Colaeus, Greek sea captain
    Colonia Iulia Concordia Carthago, rebuilt Carthage and Carthage of Aeneid
    colonies and colonization
    relocation of surplus population
    in Sicily
    see also Gades; Sardinia; Sicily; Spain
    Concordia , temple to (120 BC)
    Constantine, Emperor
    Core, goddess
    introduced to Carthage
    Roman destruction of (146 BC)
    threat to Carthage
    Cornelius Nepos, Roman biographer
    corvus , naval grappling device
    Cos, Tyrian factories
    Cosa, Italy
    Council of Elders
    and Hamilcar Barca
    and Hannibal
    and Hasdrubal
    and Mercenaries’ Revolt
    reaction to Hamilcar’s pact with Agathocles
    recall of Hannibal
    relations with Barcids
    and siege (149–146)
    suspicion of generals
    Cremona, Roman colony
    Hannibal on
    Crimisius, battle of (340 BC)
    Crispinus, Titus Quinctius, consul (208)
    Cronium, battle of
    Cronus, Greek god
    crucifixion, use of
    Cuccurredus, Sardinia
    acculturation in Sicily
    Mediterranean complexity
    syncretism in North Africa
    see also Greek culture
    temple of Apollo
    Cumae, battle of (474 BC)
    Curius Dentatus, Manius
    coinage to pay mercenaries
    metal ingots and bars
    see also coins and coinage
    Cybele (Magna Mater, ‘Great Mother’), sacred stone of
    links with Carthage
    synergy of Heracles and Melqart
    Tyrians in
    Cyrene, Libya, Greek city of

    Daly, Gregory
    Damaretê, queen of Syracuse
    David, king of Judah (Israel)
    Deinomenid family, Syracuse
    Delphi, consultation of oracle at
    Demerliac, Jean-Gabriel
    Demeter, goddess
    Demeter Malophoros introduced to Carthage
    temple at Messana
    Demetrius of Phalerum
    Demetrius Poliorcetes, king of Macedonia
    Desanges, Jehan
    diadochi (senior Macedonian military commanders)
    Dido, Queen
    in Vergil’s Aeneid
    on Carthaginian warships
    early settlers in Carthage
    later variety
    see also food
    Diodorus Siculus, historian
    account of child sacrifice
    on Agathocles
    on Alexander
    battle of Himera
    on beginnings of First Punic War
    on cult of Demeter and Core in Carthage
    on fall of Magonids
    on Hannibal’s campaigns in Sicily
    on Hasdrubal in Spain
    on punishment of military leaders
    on Regulus
    on rise of Hamilcar Barca
    on Roman imperial policy
    on Scipio Nascia
    on siege of Acragas
    on siege of Motya
    The Library of History
    on wealth in Sicily
    see also Timaeus
    Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Greek writer in Rome
    Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse
    Roman use of
    see also omens and portents
    Dorieus, prince of Sparta
    Drepana, Sicilian port
    Drusus, Nero
    Duilius, Gaius, consul and naval commander

    Ebusus, Ibiza
    Eckstein, Arthur
    Ecnomus, Cape,

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