The Beatles Boxed Set
just about anyone. The rumors helped the sale of Abbey Road and other Beatle albums.
who was very much alive, was on his farm spending his days aimlessly. One day,
he had two unexpected visitors: Dorothy Bacon, correspondent of Life magazine and photographer Terence Spencer who flew all the way to Scotland to
find proof that Paul was still among the living.
Paul opened the door to them, he had with him a bucket of kitchen slop which he
threw over Spencer. Spencer recalled, “He was absolutely red in the face with
fury. He had one look at me and hurled the slop bucket. The irony was that I
definitely got a shot of that. And he missed me, but then he stepped forward
and hit me across the shoulder… So I told Dorothy, ‘I think we’ve run out of
our hospitality,’ and we turned around and left.”
Paul finally realized that if he wanted a new life, he was going to need these
people. So he called them back and offered to grant them an interview.
rumors about Paul’s supposed death was finally dispelled after Life ran
a story on Paul under the title “Paul Is Still With Us.” He said that the rumor
regarding his death “is all bloody stupid” and that the rumors began because he
had withdrawn from the scene.

    The Life magazine article dispelled the
rumors that Paul was dead
eventually decided to return to the world of music and packed his things again
and returned to London with his wife and children. He had a four-track tape
machine installed in the Cavendish music room and saw about writing a few

A Solo Career
first solo album, McCartney , was a success, hitting number one in the
United States for three weeks and was certified double platinum. In the UK, it
failed to reach the top spot because it was occupied by the best-selling album
of 1970, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water . Paul’s album
remained at number two for three weeks.
the exception of some vocal contributions from Linda McCartney, the album was a
self-performed album where Paul also provided all the instrumentation. Husband
and wife again collaborated on another album, Ram , which reached number
one in the UK and included the US number one hit single, Uncle
Albert/Admiral Halsey. Paul also won a Grammy for Best Arrangement
Accompanying Vocalists.
and Linda joined with ex-Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine and drummer Denny
Seiwell to form their group, Wings, and released their first album as a group, Wild
Life . Paul said of the group’s formation, “Wings was always a difficult
idea … any group having to follow [the Beatles’] success would have a hard job
… I found myself in that very position. However, it was a choice between going
on or finishing, and I loved music too much to think of stopping.”

became a success in their own right, particularly with the success of the
group’s first US number one, My Love , which Paul wrote. The single was
included on Wings’ second LP, Red Rose Speedway . Paul also collaborated
with Linda and former Beatles producer George Martin with the James Bond theme
song and Wings hit, Live and Let Die. The single was nominated for an
Oscar and subsequently earned Martin a Grammy for his orchestral arrangement. The
single was also a top-ten UK hit for Wings in 1973, with music professor and
author Vincent Benitez describing the single as “symphonic rock at its best.”
Paul enjoyed a successful career with his new band, there was always the
possibility of a Beatles reunion. In 1974, Paul collaborated with Ringo on the
latter’s album, with the other Beatles throwing in some contributions as well,
though they didn’t appear in the studio together. Though Paul, as did the other
Beatles, denied the rumors of a

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