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Authors: Willa Jemhart
she neared it, she realized her
assumption had been right. Zander was sitting on the step. What she hadn’t
realized, though, was that there was someone else with him. It was Sera. They
were sitting very close together with Zander’s hand on Sera’s thigh.
    She got as far as the end of the walkway
that led to the front step when they stopped looking at each other and noticed her.
Zander quickly removed his hand from Sera’s leg and scooted over to put some
distance between their bodies.
    “Hey Clove,” he said, the corners of his
lips twitching as they rose to an unnatural height.
    Sera only glared at her.
    Clover walked up to them and set her
eyes solidly on Zander’s. “What’s going on here?”
    “We’re just talking. That’s all.”
    She got the impression that whatever
they were talking about was something they didn’t want to share with her. It
must have been something about their secret club. The idea that they had been
sitting so close together put a small fire in her belly. Did he have feelings
for Sera? She didn’t want to talk to Zander about it with Sera around. Being
confrontational was not her style, so she said, “Okay,” and turned to leave,
deciding she would come back and talk to him later.
    As she was walking away, she heard Sera
snicker, so she turned back to see what was so funny. Zander looked stone-cold
serious, but Sera looked amused. Clover scrunched her brows together as she
looked back and forth between the two of them. She was trying very hard to be
nice, to be respectful, but Sera certainly had no intention of making it easy.
    “Clover.” Sera’s voice held a taunting
edge. “Are you really that naïve? Are you really that uncurious? Really that content ?”
    Clover could only look at her with her
mouth hanging slightly open. She didn’t understand this girl at all.
    Zander looked at Sera with a warning and
whispered, “Sera, don’t.”
    Sera didn’t even pretend to hear him. “You
don’t like to question things, do you?” she asked Clover. “You think everything
is just fine.” She had a large mocking smile planted across her face. “You’re
just happy to know that we’re all safe, and because it’s always been assumed,
one day you will be Zander’s wife and live contentedly ever after.”
    “Sera, please,” Zander begged.
    Clover tilted her head and thought about
Sera’s words. She was right. Sera had just described exactly how she felt. She
rarely questioned anything. She knew everything would be okay. Even if there
was some bad stuff, it would all work out. And yes, she did assume that she and
Zander would live contentedly ever after. The thing that was confusing to her
was why Sera seemed to care so much about Clover’s life.
    Her verbal assault continued. “Do you
know what your problem is?” Sera rose from the step and strutted down to put
herself face-to-face with Clover. “Your problem is that you drink way too much
    Clover shook her head and giggled. This
girl was completely loopy.
    But Sera remained somber, glaring at her.
“You think I’m joking? I’m dead serious. I dare you,” she shot at her. “I dare
you to stop drinking milk and then you’ll be able to see things as they really
    “That’s enough,” Zander growled. He got
up and grabbed Sera’s arm, turning her to face him. “Stop it, Sera. Leave her
alone.” He was angry. But mad or not, there was something else there. It was
the way he was looking at Sera. Clover was shocked with the realization that it
was the way he usually looked at Clover when they were alone together.
    “What?” Sera muttered innocently. “It’s
not like she’ll actually do it. She’ll never stop drinking milk. She can’t. She’s
a pretty girl, a good girl.” She shot Clover a nasty leer.
    Zander turned to Clover. “I’m sorry.”
    “It’s okay,” she mumbled. “I’ll talk to
you later. After your friend has gone home.” She turned and walked slowly toward
her house.

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