Love Struck (Miss Match #2)

Free Love Struck (Miss Match #2) by Laurelin McGee

Book: Love Struck (Miss Match #2) by Laurelin McGee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurelin McGee
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
agreed to hook up in the future. She needed a contingency plan for that. Later.
    He was still waiting for her response. She decided to be vague. I booked a gig. Like, a big gig. Like, a career-changing gig.
    !!!! I’m so excited for you that I can’t convey it in simple text. Congrats, Love. You deserve this.
    “Are you even listening to me? This is not a good idea.”
    Lacy stood up from her computer screen and faced her sister, hands on her hips. Her sister-thing was kicking in, and even though she completely understood why Andy was opposed, she felt like a little kid getting a talking-to. “Why? What’s not a good idea about this? Tell me.”
    “Everything! It’s last minute. You’ve never been on tour. How can you possibly be ready? You don’t even know these people. A band full of men? No women? What if one of them tries to … I dunno, have his way with you? You know what they say about those rock star types.”
    “Jesus, are you for real? Raped? ” Lacy was beginning to think the wine had been a bad idea. Instead of calming her sister, it had only made her more creative with her reasoning.
    She bent to type a quick response to Folx. Thank you. I knew you’d be happy for me. You can’t know how much that means to me.
    Then Lacy crossed to her dresser. “And they aren’t rock stars. They’re alternative folk musicians. Like myself. Which doesn’t make any difference, really, because I’m not going to get forced into anything.”
    Lacy pulled a stack of T-shirts from a drawer, her eye catching on her very neglected vibrator buried underneath. “Besides, at this point, I’m not likely to say no to hot band-sex. If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a while.” Honestly, the thought had only just now crossed her mind. Likely because she was talking to Folx. Also she had those … urges … the last time she’d seen the Blue Hills. So what if something happened with one of those fine musicians? There’d be no complaints from her. She had three months before she met Folx.
    Lacy threw the pile of shirts in her suitcase and brushed past Andy to head toward her jeans drawer.
    “Come on, you don’t mean that. If you’re ready to date again…”
    The irony of her sister’s statement was so hilarious, Lacy almost laughed. “Yeah, you cannot lecture me on that, Miss I Banged My Boss.” It had been only the beginning of the summer when Lacy had a similar conversation with Andy, but their roles had been reversed. Andy hadn’t listened to a word, obviously. So why should Lacy listen now?
    Lacy chose three pairs of jeans, all tight and ripped up like she liked them, and also a couple of skirts before heading back to the suitcase. “And I said nothing about dating. I was talking sex. Release.”
    “I’ll set you up with someone just to … you know.” Andy’s last job had been as a matchmaker, and apparently she thought she was still in the business. “What about the erotic writer guy? Noah. He’s cute.”
    “Noah’s with Jaylene, you know, our neighbor! Do you not pay attention to anything that goes on around here?” She knew Andy was distracted, but really. They’d had Jaylene over for drinks and heard all the yummy details.
    Andy rubbed her fingers across her forehead. “Of course I do. I knew that. I simply had a momentary lapse in memory.” Or she’d been desperate and reaching. “There’s probably someone at Donovan Industries who’d be appropriate.”
    Of course I’m happy for you! Who wouldn’t be? Maybe this is just the inspiration you need , Folx sent.
    “Andy … please.”
    Who wouldn’t be? Her own flesh and blood, that’s who.
    No, that wasn’t fair. Andy was freaked that her little sis was overestimating what she was ready for. Lacy didn’t want to talk about Andy with Folx though. My thoughts exactly.
    “We’re dancing around the point, anyway. Can we get back on topic? It’s a great testament to your talent to book a tour from just your CD. I’m sure

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