The Advocate - 02 - The Advocate's Betrayal

Free The Advocate - 02 - The Advocate's Betrayal by Teresa Burrell

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Authors: Teresa Burrell
Tags: General Fiction, Mystery
hundred plus units. After driving around the block three times without finding a space, Sabre called Luke.
    “I can’t find a parking spot,” Sabre said without any of the pleasantries when Luke answered.
    “I’m sorry, baby, I forgot to tell you to call me when you got here. I found out today that since I have a two-bedroom apartment, I’m entitled to two parking spots. They’re end to end, so one car has to be parked in front of the other, but that’s okay. You can park behind my roadster; you’ll be leaving before me. Or maybe I’ll make you park in front of me so you can’t leave at all.”
    Sabre drove into the complex. Luke lived at the far end, so he had time to walk downstairs before she got there. He must’ve run down, though, because he met her just after she passed the first of three buildings. There he stood in the middle of the road, her tall, handsome, dark-haired man in ironed shorts and a t-shirt, waiting for her. Although he dressed casually most of the time, Luke was very particular about the way he dressed and how his hair looked. He took pride in his personal appearance.
    “Hi, babe.” He walked up to the car and gave her a quick kiss.
    “Hi.” She smiled, feeling her stomach giggle. She loved the feelings he aroused in her. “Where do you want me?”
    “Anywhere and everywhere,” he teased, “but you may put your car right there behind mine.” He pointed to an empty space on the left about thirty feet away.
    It had been awhile since Sabre had been in a relationship, and she soaked up the flirting and all that went with it. After parking her car, she met Luke at its rear. He put his arm around her and pulled her into him. “So, how was your day?”
    “Not so great. I went to see Betty in Las Colinas this afternoon. It was really hard seeing her locked up in there. She’s being strong, but I know she’s scared to death. I just hope I can get her released soon.”
    “I’m sorry. It must’ve been awful seeing her like that. But I tell you what. I’m going to make you forget all about the outside world. Tonight, it’s just you and me.” He looked into her eyes, smiled, and squeezed her a little tighter.
    Luke opened the door to his apartment. Only one dim lamp lit the room. The dining table contained two place settings, two candles flickering, and flowers in the center. Two other candles burned on the coffee table.
    “Wow, Luke, this is really sweet.” Sabre leaned backward into him, melting into his chest. He put his arms around her, pulling her even closer. She turned around and reached up, putting her arms around his neck, pulling his head down to meet her lips with a kiss.
    “Hey, hey…. Wait ‘til you see what else is in store for you. Come with me.” He led her to the bathroom. Four more candles burned next to a full tub with bubbles. The aroma from the bath salts smelled clean, but not sweet, just the way she liked it.
    “This is incredible. Is the tub for me or for us?” she teased.
    “The tub is for you. I knew it was going to be a hard day because of Betty. So you just relax in the tub while I finish dinner.”
    “You can cook?”
    “Of course I can cook. I love to cook, especially for someone special.”
    “You’re amazing, you know,” she said, as she turned and gazed into his eyes.
    He put his hands on each side of her head and pulled her mouth close to his, kissing her gently, yet passionately. Then he let go and smacked her lightly on her butt. “There’s a clean shirt on the back of the door you may use if you’d like. Relax and enjoy; I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”
    Sabre watched him as he left the room, blown away that someone would pamper her like this. It was every woman’s fantasy. She was tempted to go to him just to be with him.
    Once he was out of sight she turned toward the tub with all its bubbles. It smelled clean and light, like melon or sweet peas. She peeled off her shirt.

    Monday morning news in the paper

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