You Belong to Me
trying…I bought them today at the Victoria’s Secret. I had this whole plan in my head. I was trying to be sexy and romantic. I wasn’t trying to over-step my bounds with you. I just…I just wanted to make you happy.” It was too late now; the tears were falling, but she held her place on her hands and knees.
    She waited for his reply but got none. She didn’t dare turn and see what he was doing. Lately, she had this gut-wrenching fear of him walking out on her. She heard him again in the kitchen. Then he came back into the living room. “You need discipline!” He nudged her in the butt with his foot. “Turn around and crawl over here!”
    Jasmine turned herself around on her hands and knees. He was sitting in a chair with a pissed-off look on his face. He motioned for her to lie across his lap. She didn’t know herself anymore. Nuke has a way of getting her to let go and do things that she’d only imagined. She was about to be punished, and she still wasn’t certain why he was so upset.
    Being a grown woman lying across someone’s lap, she felt big, awkward, silly and a little afraid. She thought that at any moment, she’d fall and land flat on her face. He’d obviously done this plenty of times before because he moved her easily and held her in place.
    His hand caressed her bottom, and she jumped in anticipation of being spanked. This odd situation had her kitty tingling.
    “Every time you disobey me, you will be punished. Now, reply with ‘yes, Sir!’”
    “Yes, Sir!” she tried to control her breathing but failed. She still didn’t know if he was really angry with her.
    Nuke unhooked the knife from his belt and cut off her expensive panties. That thought alone was enough to bring a genuine tear to her eye. Her bottom was now bare, and her overly expensive underwear shredded.
    “You will count out loud and say, ‘Thank you, Sir.’ Understand?”
    “Yes, Sir” Jasmine replied with a sob.
    The swats began. They were not sexual as she thought they might be but purely discipline. Apparently, he was disappointed with her. From the very first smack to her bottom it stung and she let out a loud shriek.
    “One! Th-th-thank you, Sir!”
    She kept counting as the punishment continued.
    “Two! Thank you, Sir!”
    The third sent her feet up into the air, and she threw her hands back behind her to stop the next blow.
    “Bad girl!” Nuke said as he took both of her hands and held them in place. “That’s going to cost you five more!”
    The next swats came fast and hard. She burst into tears as she continued to count. “Ten! Thank you, Sir!” She hoped that it was over, even as her dripping pussy responded to the pleasure of the pain
He did not stop. Nuke continued as she counted, thanked him and sobbed.
    “Fifteen. Thank you, Sir!”
    “Sixteen. Thank you, Sir!”
    She didn’t know how much more she could take. Without a doubt, she wouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow. His hand had to be in pain, but it didn’t seem to faze him at all.
    “Twenty. Thank you, Sir!” She could feel his hard cock poking into her side, and no matter how humiliated and embarrassed she felt, the moisture between her legs still seeped out.
    “Thirty! Thank you, Sir!”
    He finally stopped. “Get down and crawl to the corner!”
    Dear God, how long was he going to keep this up chastisement, Jasmine thought. She climbed off of his lap, avoiding his eyes. She was sobbing like a little child. What bothered her even more was that she was soaking wet. She didn’t want to see his face or his jeans. Her juices must have left a wet spot. She couldn’t believe what had just happened, and still she was obeying him. She crawled over to the corner and waited his next command.
    He strolled up behind her. “Up on your knees, nose to the wall, hands behind your head. Lock your fingers.”
    She obeyed.
    Nuke caressed her red bottom, then cut away her bra, leaving her completely naked. “You spent a lot of money for no reason. I

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