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Authors: Moxie North
Chapter 1
    Another night and another drink. Nikki was putting the final touches on her makeup, heavy on the eye makeup, big hair and bigger attitude to match. Glancing in the mirror at her best friends, Nikki couldn’t help but smile. Her girls rocked, and she knew that as long as she had her ladies, she would be all right.  Chloe and Izzy had been her best friends since middle school.  They had found each other in a sea of hormones and cliques.  A time in a young girl’s life that can decide the next decade of your life.  Popular, nerdy, jock, or goth, those descriptors could seriously sway your life one way or another. Nikki was lucky, she met Chloe first.
    Nikki had watched her walk into the lunchroom looking like a lamb heading to slaughter.  She knew that feeling and dived in to rescue her from the fate of making the wrong choice of where to sit in a middle school maze. They had been best friends ever since.  Looking over to her other friend Izzy, who was applying pink gloss to her already pink lips, she couldn’t help but smile.
    Izzy, they had rescued from a potentially disastrous event when Izzy had dropped her lunch tray one day, garnering the attention of the entire student body.  This would have been bad enough for anyone at that teen age, but Izzy was short, heavy, and dreadfully shy. This could have ruined the rest of her school career. Luckily for her, Chloe and Nikki were walking in behind her, saw her drop her tray and watched as the hush fell across the room.  They looked at each other, shrugged, and both flipped their trays into the air.
    By the time the food had splattered to the floor the room had erupted into an epic food fight.  No one remembered who started it. The good news was no one had had the chance to laugh at Izzy, and Chloe and Nikki made a new friend.
    They had fun whenever they were together, but especially when there was drinking and dancing.  Chloe and Nikki would drag Izzy to movies, bowling, and painting classes. The girls always found ways to get out and tonight they were planning on fun, alcohol, and hopefully ridiculously attractive, ripped men.
    Tonight, Chloe had scored some tickets to a charity event for a new firefighter calendar.  A hot bod contest to be exact.  The winner got the coveted spot on the front of the calendar. All proceeds went to charity, a local pediatric burn unit. So, in Nikki’s world that gave the seal of approval to ogle the hot men of District 17.
    Giving her hair a cursory pat, she was still getting used to her shorter hair.  She had worn her hair in braids with varying lengths of weave for most of her life.  Her girls had talked her into going natural. Now she had short corkscrews that she had highlighted red and copper.  She finished up her makeup, keeping it smoky and heavy for evening, using a gold sparkly eye shadow to pick up the highlights in her hair.
    She kept her lipstick a nude color against her mocha colored skin, which was glowing from her recent weekends spent sitting by the pool.  She worshipped the sun and felt better with a tan.
    “Ladies, time for shots!” Chloe sang out, heading toward the kitchen.
    “Ugh,” Izzy grumbled. She threw down the eye shadow she was trying to put on.
    “Let me help sweetie, you just need a little mascara and you are good,” Nikki offered.
    Izzy was a chubby cherub.  She had long blond hair, cornflower blue eyes and a peaches and cream complexion that tanned like the Coppertone girl in the summer.
    Nikki herself was what most would consider big-boned.  She was 5’9 and had a size 16 waist. Add to that a full DD bust and a booty and thighs that usually had her shopping in the 22-24 section. She made the most of her T and her A and she loved it.  She was big and beautiful.  She loved her ass, it was round, it jiggled when she walked, and made her waist look tiny in comparison.
    People could call her fat all they wanted.  She wouldn’t settle for anyone that thought she was less

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