Stepbrother With Benefits 16 (Third Season)
with me.
    But they won't, because Caleb is pretty good, and he's not an asshole like me.  It's easy to like him, I guess.  Unless you think he's trying to flirt with your girlfriend, and then your dad, who doesn't know that your stepsister is your girlfriend now, is trying to get him to date your girlfriend.
    That's a long story.  I'm kind of guessing you know it.  What the fuck was that all about, though?  Seriously, Dad, I'm never forgetting that.  I'm still a little pissed about it.
    "Good.  Now I'm getting the fuck out of here," I tell them.  "Don't do anything stupid."
    Everyone laughs and they're all screwing around.  If the cheerleaders were here, they'd try to show off, but this was just orientation.  The cheerleaders have their own orientation, but it's more like some, uh... trust exercises?  Like falling backwards into someone's arms or something.  Team building and all of that.
    You can't do that in football.  Some of these guys weigh three hundred pounds.  You want me to fucking catch someone like that?  I like those guys, and I want them on the team, but no fucking way in hell am I going to do some cheerleading team building exercises with them.  It's just not happening.
    I'm still in regular clothes, since I wasn't planning on doing anything crazy today, so I just walk off the field and plan on heading back to my dorm.  Plan being the key word there.
    I plan to do it, but Caleb comes chasing after me.
    "Hey, uh... Ethan?" he asks.
    "Yeah, what's up?"
    "Remember the..."  he quiets down, whispering the end of his sentence.  "The lessons you talked to me about?"
    "Can we do those soon?  I want to ask Scarlet on a date."
    "I guess we can do them soon," I say.
    I don't know why I tell him this, because it's not even that fucking hard.  Here, I'll include a mock example for you:
    Pretend I'm Caleb, alright?  "Hey, Scarlet, want to go on a date?"
    Now pretend I asked this to Scarlet.  She'll say: "Yeah, sure, of course!  I'd love to suck your cock, Caleb."
    Maybe she wouldn't say that exact thing, but you get my meaning, right?  I think she'd go on a date with him.  Maybe there's more to it than that, though.  I don't think asking a girl on a date is too hard, but then when you're actually on a date...
    Fuck, I just realized I don't even know what to do on a date.  I've only dated Ashley, and I can't say our first date was even a date... does deciding to drink in order to forget her shitty ex-boyfriend, eat pizza and junk food while watching a movie, and then her daring me to fuck her, which I happily obliged... yeah, does that count as a date?
    Pretty fucking sure it doesn't, but whatever.  I'd do it again.  I can still remember the look of confused bliss in her eyes when I gave her an orgasm during sex.  Like, holy shit, this is an orgasm during sex, that kind of look.  Yeah, that was intense.  I fucking loved it.
    I love all her orgasms, and all her looks, but that one will forever hold a special place in my heart.
    I should probably stop thinking about Ashley and her sexy as fuck orgasms with Caleb walking right next to me.  I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea.
    I also don't want to be that asshole that checks his phone fifty times to see if someone called him back, so...
    "I guess I have some free time right now," I say.  "You want to do it in like... fifteen minutes?"
    "Oh, now?" Caleb asks.  "Yeah, sure.  Uh... you said I could invite some people, right?"
    "You can't invite Scarlet," I tell him.  "That's completely fucking... what the fuck is that word?  Counterintuitive?  Yeah, I think that's it."
    "It's not Scarlet," he says, wrinkling his nose at me.
    Why can't you just fucking glare at me, Caleb?  Why do you have to wrinkle your nose?  Fuck, man...
    "Yeah, it's fine," I say.  "No girls, though.  Girls aren't allowed.  This is Ethan Colton's Bad Boy Club.  Girls are denied entry.  That's how this works."
    "Oh," Caleb says.  "It's a club?  Do we

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