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feel of her big tits but Ally hit my hand away and got up. She shook her finger at me. “No, no, no.”
    She got down on her knees and swung her hair behind her shoulders. Her hand ran over my boxers, just barely avoiding my trapped cock. “You need to stop with the teasing, Ally. Or I'm going to bend you over this couch and fuck you right now.”
    “You need to have some patience,” she said, squeezing my cock hard. I gasped from the pain and pleasure. She slowly rolled my boxers down until my length flopped out. Ally's eyes went wide and she bit her bottom lip. Her finger traced from the head of my penis all the way down to the base.
    I wasn't used to all this teasing. I usually got what I wanted when I wanted it. But Ally was denying me the pleasure I deserved.
    I grabbed the back of Ally's hair and pulled her head back. Her eyes lit up up and her mouth opened. I grazed my finger around the rim of her mouth. “Don't make me beg, Ally.” I could go jerk off in the shower if she didn't give me what I wanted.
    She loved toying with me. Ally gripped the base of my cock and stroked. It felt way too good. I leaned back in the couch while Ally licked the head of my penis. She crammed my entire length down her throat and all I could do was scream.
    Her fingers gripped the base and she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Her tongue swirled around my tip as she took me in and out of her mouth. I could only take so much more. No man would be able to hold off when Ally had her lips around them.
    The thought of Ally swallowing my warm seed only made the experience more intense.
    I was close.
    Too close.
    Ally pulled me out before I could explode. My balls were wound so tight. I needed to feel that release before my body fell apart.
    “Get on top of me,” I commanded.
    Ally stood up and straddled me with her long silky legs. Her tasty slit was only inches away from my desperate cock. Ally hovered over me, watching my rod bounce up and down. “How much do you want me?” she asked, teasing me again.
    “I want that tight pussy so bad, baby.” I squeezed her tits, showing her just how hard I wanted her.
    Ally lowered down on me slowly, my tip sliding into her wetness. She went all the way down until my length was enveloped. “How do I feel?” Ally asked.
    “So tight, baby.” I rested my hands on her hips as she raised up and down. I watched her beautiful curvy body rock against me. She knew exactly how to make me feel so good. And I never wanted her to stop.
    Ally bent down and kissed me. My hands moved to her ass and hugged her cheeks, slamming her harder down onto my cock.
    “Will you come with me?” Ally asked, arching her back.
    I nodded, barely able to form any coherent thoughts. Ally tightened around my cock and found her release, screaming my name at the top of her lungs. I held off my orgasm as long as I could. My breath escaped me as I burst inside Ally, filling her up until I was dry to the bone.
    We lay together, wrapped in each other's arms, naked on the couch in a state of bliss. Why couldn't life always be this good?
    Sometimes life had to be a motherfucker. I needed to tell Ally the whole truth. About the mayor and her dad. Everything.
    But it could wait a little longer. I just wanted her to fall asleep in my arms.

Chapter Nine


The sunlight through the blinds burned my eyes. I was so tired that I could barely lift my hand to protect myself. Kade's arms were still wrapped around me, holding me tight in a spooning position. The old couch at Kade's place wasn't very comfy but we were able to sleep on it for the entire night.
    Or maybe the sex was so exhausting that we could've slept on thumbtacks.
    I flipped over in his arms until I was facing Kade. His eyes slowly opened and a smile appeared. “I'd like to wake up every morning to that beautiful face.”
    “Get used to it because I won't be able to

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