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Authors: Pj Fiala
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
that. You’re nothing like your mom. Your mom was weak and needed someone with her all the time. You’re nothing like that. And the rest was not your fault. Stop thinking that way.”
    Tammy could walk right up to Molly’s mom and slap her for what she had done to Molly. Poor girl. Her mom really was a crappy mom. All she cared about was herself and being with a man. She never thought about Molly’s needs or wants. Molly had been on her own, in more ways than one, her whole life.
    “In my head, I know this. But, I never want to be like that.”
    Cara patted Molly’s hand. “Darlin’, you are nothing like your mom. Now…to the important stuff. I want to see pictures of these hot guys you two are mooning over. Gimme.”
    Molly laughed as she pulled out her camera to show the girls the pictures she had taken of Danny and Ryder.


    Saturday morning came early. Pulling into Danny’s driveway with a steaming cup of coffee, the boys each looked at the yard to see the activity had already begun at six-thirty in the morning. Due to the neighborhood covenants, power tools and hammering wouldn’t start until eight o’clock, but preliminaries and unloading were in progress at the moment.
    “Okay, let’s get rolling.” Gunnar jumped out of the driver’s seat of the truck and grabbed his tool belt from the back seat. Ryder and JT did the same on the other side. They had decided to ride together to keep the number of vehicles down to a minimum. They walked over to Jeremiah, who was speaking with the contractor, Steve, about the day’s events.
    “Hey, Dad.”
    “Hi guys. Steve, these are my sons, JT, Ryder, and Gunnar. Boys, you remember Steve? We were just discussing the events for today.”
    Just then, Danny walked out of his house. He was wearing a prosthetic leg today, covered up by his jeans. If it weren’t for a slight limp, you wouldn’t know anything was different about him. Danny walked up to Jeremiah and gave him a hug.
    “I don’t know how to thank you, Dog. I’m overwhelmed, actually.”
    Jeremiah shook his head. “No need to thank me, Danny. Just enjoy your home, we’ll be good.”
    “Hey guys, how are you today? Thanks for helping on this.” Danny looked at the boys.
    “Happy to help Danny,” JT said as he shook Danny’s hand. Each in turn greeted Danny and they turned to Jeremiah to see what they needed to start with. Danny looked over and saw some guys walking with boards over by the flowers.
    “They aren’t going to drop stuff on my flowers are they?” Everyone looked over to where Danny was looking.
    “No, they won’t do that. I’ll remind them that we aren’t destroying anything, just making it better.” Jeremiah smirked.
    “Good. That hot little photographer was here yesterday taking pictures and she liked my flowers. I’ll sic her and her sexy little friend on anyone who smashes them.”
    Ryder stiffened at the comment. Molly? Molly had been here yesterday? Did she know Danny? He called her ‘hot.' What the fuck did that mean? Did he want her? Gunnar and JT looked at Ryder and saw his reaction. Danny noticed it too.
    Danny pointed his chin at Ryder. “She yours?”
    Ryder looked at Danny and furrowed his brows.
    “The hot photographer. Little gal with dark hair and startling blue eyes, Molly I think. She yours? Everyone just looked at you when I said that. Couldn’t hammer a pin up your ass you’re so puckered up right now.”
    Jeremiah didn’t want anything to start. “They’re dating, Danny.”
    Danny nodded and started to say something, but they were interrupted by Bryce, Angie, Dayton, and Staci just at that moment.
    “Morning everyone. Nice to see you, Danny. Ready for all of this?” Bryce said, smiling.
    “Yeah. I’m ready.” Danny looked at Ryder and turned to walk over to the table that was set up outside where the plans had been laid out.
    Jeremiah looked at Ryder. “You good? I don’t want problems today. If you have issues, I would rather

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