Kodiak Moment: An Alpha Werebear Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Arcadia Knights Book 2)

Free Kodiak Moment: An Alpha Werebear Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Arcadia Knights Book 2) by Olivia Gayle

Book: Kodiak Moment: An Alpha Werebear Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Arcadia Knights Book 2) by Olivia Gayle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Gayle
    That thought served to remind him that they were out in the open, visible to anyone who might be looking. Instinct told him to get inside, somewhere safe and protected, especially as more frozen rain began to pelt down.
    "I have a hotel room where we can talk," she said, tugging him toward the nearby hotel. “I get the feeling you aren't going to let me be alone.”
    She got that right. He fell in step beside her, careful to look down the streets this time. It had been foolish to run like that; he hadn't been at all cognizant of his surroundings. She had saved his life, something he wouldn't forget.
    Logan drew in a deep breath, enjoying her presence by his side. He'd followed her after she left the cabin, always staying out of sight and downwind.
    "How did I not know you were in the restaurant?" Abby asked, peering up at him warily. "I could smell everything in there, how could I miss you?"
    "More powerful Alpha shifters often have special abilities. My brothers take after my father, able to do crowd control by sheer personality alone.” He scratched his head. "It's difficult to explain. I have the added gift of being able to shield my presence from the senses of others, blending in with the background."
    She snorted. "That must be a handy skill. What did you do with it?”
    "I used to be an enforcer." Recognizing the question in her eyes, he explained. "It's a rank within my people similar to your FBI.”
    “So you were a bear-shifting policeman. Ah, the places a girl’s brain takes you when you say things like that.” She grinned ruefully, staring down the street. “Why’d you leave?”
    Memories reared up, still bitter after more than a decade. Logan ground his teeth together, keeping silent as Abby rummaged through her pockets. "What's that," he asked, pointing at the black object she pulled out.
    "It's a cell phone. I'm texting my brother so he doesn't send out a search party."
    Logan's brows drew together. "Texting?"
    "Yeah, he can be a bit overprotective..." She trailed off, frowning. "Do you know what a cellphone is?"
    He shook his head and watched her eyes grow wide. She really was beautiful when surprised; he'd have to do it more often.
    "Well, welcome to the twenty-first century, Mr. Logan."
    "It's Tucker."
    "My last name. Logan Tucker."
    Abby cocked her head to the side, studying him, then stuck out her hand. "Pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Tucker."
    Logan's hand closed around hers just as an old, familiar scent crossed is nose. He latched onto his mate's hand and pulled her around behind him. She gave a squawk of outrage, then froze as someone chuckled nearby them.
    "You used to be much better at detecting me, brother. This frontier life has made you soft to the hunt."
    Logan bared his teeth. "Warren. Why are you here?”
    Warren clucked his tongue, but the coldness never left his eyes. “Let’s not play games, shall we? I'm here to execute you for murder.”

Chapter 10
    “ W hat the hell ?”
    Abby peered out from around Logan, looking between this newcomer and the man who called himself her mate. The words rattled around inside her head, unable to be absorbed.
    Warren’s mouth twisted humorlessly as his eyes went to Abby. “You need to leave. Now.”
    Abby’s hands were on Logan, using him as a shield, and she felt his body deflate at those words. Something inside of her snapped; anger rose to the surface as she moved around Logan. “Go to hell.”
    One eyebrow quirked up on the other man’s face, and with a start, Abby recognized the similarity between him and Logan. “You called him ‘brother’ earlier,” she said cautiously, keeping a hand on Logan’s arm. He hadn’t moved, but she could feel the tension inside him, and it brought out her own protective side. “You really are related, aren’t you?”
    “For Pete’s sake.” A small dark-haired woman with blue-green eyes walked up beside Warren and glared at Abby. “Just move out of the way, Sunshine, and let us

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