Law of Attraction
wanting to feel him inside her. He smiled, resisted her pull, and lowered his head between her legs again. He made her come that way again, until she was clawing at his shoulders, begging him to come inside her.
    Finally he did, covering her body with his own, saying her name softly as he slipped inside her. She gasped at the pleasure of his penetration. When she could breathe again, she opened her eyes. Nick was still, supporting himself on his elbows, cradling her head between his hands. Their faces were inches apart, and he was looking directly into her eyes. She felt a different kind of thrill as she gazed at him. It was a moment of perfect silence and connection, more intimate than anything that preceded it. Finally, he groaned, closed his eyes, and started slowly spiraling his hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him, pulling him deeper inside of her. She let go of everything else—her crazy work and her crazy family and all the complications of living in the world—and just felt this: this pleasure, electricity, intimacy. They came together in a final explosive orgasm that left Anna breathless and shaky.
    Nick rolled to his side, pulling her with him. They lay facing each other, foreheads touching, their long, athletic legs tangled like linguini.She became aware again of the soft rug under her skin, the crackling fire warming her bare back. Nick was stroking her hair, smiling at her drowsily. Her body was saturated with contentment, and gratitude, and a dozen other emotions she didn’t have names for. Or maybe just too much wine. In any case, she knew that if she tried to say what she was feeling, she would sound corny and trite.
    So she joked, “I’ve never been this close to an alpaca before.”

    A nna raised her head from the pillow, disoriented. This was not her bedroom. She looked around. This was way nicer than her bedroom. The floor was polished wood, the walls were ivory, the furniture was dark wood with modern lines. She was lying in a king-sized bed covered with a dark brown comforter. Light poured in through a sheer white shade that covered a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows; she could see the vague outline of the Washington Monument through the translucent fabric. Anna sat up and brought her hands to her throbbing temples. Her mouth felt and tasted like an old sweatshirt. As she recognized Nick’s black leather briefcase in the corner, images from the previous night flashed back. She groaned.
    Oh Lord, what had she done?
    She heard the front door open and muted footsteps downstairs. Seeing him in the light of day was going to be awkward. She might as well get it over with. She slowly swung her legs off the side of the bed. Her whole body ached, and she didn’t see her clothes anywhere. Damn. There was a soft white bathrobe draped on a chair next to the bed. Anna pulled on the robe and shuffled to the master bathroom.
    It was bigger than her living room, and tiled in light brown stone. A huge Jacuzzi sat under a skylight. She found a tube of toothpaste by the sink, put a dab on her finger and ran it over her teeth, then bent to the faucet and rinsed her mouth out. Her tongue still felt fuzzy but at least it was a minty fuzz. She ran her fingers through her tangled hair. It was the best she could do for now. Taking a deep breath, she walked out of the bedroom, emerging onto the landing at the top of the loft.
    Nick looked up from where he was setting bags down on the kitchen counter below.
    “Good morning, sleeping beauty,” he called cheerfully. He was wearing khaki shorts, an orange T-shirt, and flip-flops, and was obviously less hungover than Anna.
    “Hi.” She suddenly felt shy.
    “Come on down.” Nick smiled. “The alpaca misses you when you’re way up there.”
    Anna descended the steel staircase. “I wouldn’t want to upset the alpaca.”
    Nick pulled out a stool and gestured for her to sit at the black granite countertop. “I figured you could use this.”

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