her is revealed, will Prophecy be strong enough? Will they discover a way to save the world from Hell? And will they finally see past the hatred bred into them by their families and surrender to their love?
    The first of the Vampires Realm novels being written by five star author F E Heaton, Prophecy: Child of Light , is part one in an epic tale of love and war that is sure to capture your heart and leave you craving more.
    Prophecy: Caelestis & Aurorea [book 2]
    The final battle draws closer. Prophecy’s world becomes darker and more dangerous, pushing her to the limit and testing her strength and her heart, almost breaking her. Old friends turn their backs, leaving her to fight with the help of an unlikely ally and forcing her to call on the devastatingly seductive and powerful Lord Hyperion for assistance.
    Struggling to rescue Valentine from the malicious hands of her blood brother, Arkalus and the lord of Aurorea, Kalinor, Prophecy discovers just how powerful she is and how far people will go to stop her from fulfilling her destiny. Lives are lost, battles are won, and the scroll foretelling the prophecy is finally completed, but nothing can prepare them for what lies ahead.
    When her visions show her the path that must be taken, will Prophecy be able to do what is necessary? Are Prophecy and Valentine ready to command the power they’d never thought would be theirs? And are they strong enough to fight the evil of their true enemy?
    Following on from Prophecy: Child of Light , the tension rises and love grows in Prophecy: Caelestis & Aurorea , a thrilling second part to this story that draws you into a dark, dangerous world of vampires, magic and the war to end all wars.
    Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising [book 3]
    An enemy with unimaginable power and bloodlines with centuries of hatred bred into them, two things that threaten to tear Prophecy and Valentine apart as they fight for their lives and their future together. Their vain attempt to join their houses into one army drains the last of their strength, leaving them more vulnerable than they’ve ever been. The tension escalates between the bloodlines, and, more dangerously, between Valentine, Prophecy and Venturi.
    As everything crumbles around them, defeat seems inevitable. In one decisive move, their enemy turns the tables against them, taking what is most important to Prophecy and leaving her to fear that the terrifying visions she’s been having are coming true. An enemy becomes a friend, guiding her in her time of need, and a friend becomes an enemy. Death, destruction and danger surround her, but the help of an old ally brings her the army she needs and the dark moon brings her the power to fight the legions of Hell.
    When the time comes, will Prophecy be able to do what’s necessary or will the sacrifice she must make be too painful to go through with? Does she have the strength to stop Hell from being unleashed into the world and save the ones she loves at the same time?
    The dramatic conclusion to the Prophecy story, Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising is a gripping tale of love and war that will take hold of you, set your heart racing and not let you go until the very last page.
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