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kicking in, I’m fine.” Allowing her green gaze to peer into my brown eyes, contemplating her decision. “Alright,” she agrees, quickly holding up her hand to my chest, “but no promises.” She tacked that qualifier on, but I don’t care. At this point, I’ll take what I can get of her.
    Not about to wait a second more, “I’m going to kiss you now,” I inform her while gently taking her hand off my chest and slipping my fingers through hers. I rest our clasped hands at the small of her back before gently pushing her toward me. Bending down to reach her lips, she gasps and her tongue slowly moistens her lips while our eyes never lose focus on one another. Once my lips are mere millimeters from hers, I ask, “Is that okay with you?”
    She remains quiet, but nods her head, giving me approval. Not wasting a second, I let my lips finish their path to a destination I’ve been waiting to reach since she first told me her name. The soft feel hits me first as we mold together like two puzzle pieces entwined together. Tracing the part in her lips with my tongue, I wait for her to open, allowing me access to her deliciously warm mouth. When she gives me the slightest opening, I snake my tongue inside, finding hers. The pace of our lips increase, and our tongues tangle between them. As though we each need the other for air, we ravage each other until she eventually pulls back. Leaving us both gasping for our breath.
    “Wow,” slips out of me breathlessly, not able to hold it in. It’s the hottest kiss I’ve ever had.
    She bites her lip with the cutest smirk across her lips. “Yeah,” she adds.
    Without saying another word, I release her hand, placing both my hands on either side of her face, pulling her toward me again. As I taste her cherry lip gloss, her fingers run across the stubble on my scalp, and rest at my neckline, holding me against her. In all my conquests, I’ve never wanted to take someone as much as I do her in this moment. But because of all the using each other talk, I fight the urge to throw her across the couch, fucking her senseless. She deserves nice and slow, cherishing every second love making.

Chapter 5
    I ’ve spent all day at Kailey’s aunt and uncles’, fetching Kailey soup, water, or medicine. Anything she desired, I’ve been at her beck and call. Clyde and Holly went out shopping for a few hours for reasons I’m pretty sure were just to give us time alone.
    Instead of watching movies or playing our popcorn ‘getting to know you’ game, we, meaning Kailey, decides on the Life board game after me begging to play strip poker. She appears more comfortable from her fall, which makes me hope she’ll join me tonight at Jessa’s sister, Sam’s, party. We’d talked about going before the whole debacle last night, so I’m optimistic that she’s still up for it.
    “Let’s make a bet?” I say, placing all the little buildings in their designated slots around the board.
    “What?” she questions with a curiosity laced sigh.
    “A kiss for every spin.” I wink, handing her the white car with a small plastic pink peg in it.
    “That’s all?” she’s says, shocked that’s all I would request. Crap, should’ve asked for more.
    “Do you want to up the ante?” I ask, placing my green car at the starting line with the blue peg in the driver’s seat.
    “Well, first, my girl here can drive,” she says, moving her pink peg from the passenger spot to the driver’s side. I laugh. “Secondly, what do I get when I win?” I love her cockiness.
    “Hey, baby, win or lose you can have anything you want—as long as it entails me.” I slyly smirk, and a giggle escapes from her.
    After staring over at me for a few beats of the heart, she flirts right back, “I would expect nothing less.”
    When I pick up my head from concentrating on the board and find her looking at me, I don’t think, I just move. Bending across the board, my lips land right on hers.

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