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Authors: Ryan Michele
Tags: Romance
blow out a huge puff of air. “Better,” I moan. “Thank you.”
    “You get these a lot?” Thor asks, but from the expressions on Xavier, Max, Zara, and Kenly, they want the same answers.
    “Just when my wolf really tries to break free. When she’s really trying to attack.”
    “But you didn’t get a headache when you were attacked in the woods? Wouldn’t your wolf want to come out and protect you?” Max asks.
    “She pushed to get out, but you have to realize that she hasn’t been out much therefore her fighting skills are not where they should be. Three males, she wouldn’t be able to fight off. One bitch of a female, no problem.” At least that is what I think happened.
    Xavier shakes his head and runs a finger through his hair. “Fucking shit.” Zara wraps her arms around his waist, pulling him to her. His empty arm comes around her and he rests his chin on her forehead.
    “We’ll work on it,” Zara says to the group and I have no idea how she plans on doing that. I mean hell, I can’t figure it out, Marvin couldn’t figure it out. I’m not sure what it is I need to be working on. “Let’s get you something to eat and we’ll go from there.” I nod while Thor helps me to my feet.

    THIS IS REALLY NOT the way to begin a relationship. Even though Thor and I are mates, I still want to get to know him. I want to learn his likes and dislikes. I want to memorize each plane of his sculpted body. I want to take the time to kiss every inch of him and explore. But when the weight of an impending attack rests on your shoulders, there really isn’t much time for that. Let alone going out for a run all together, which I’m really desperate for.
    After we eat, Zara, Kenly and I start practicing, for lack of a better word. I feel like all we are doing is wasting time. I stare at the glass of water…and stare…and stare. Nothing. Not one damn thing. Just like before. Nothing has changed now that I’ve found my mate. Nothing but the sex, which is hot. Seriously hot. But right now there is no time for that either.
    The males are in Xavier’s office going through papers looking for a better connection between Camp and the Lobo pack. I wish they would find something. Hell, I wish this whole thing was over.
    “Dammit!” Zara yells, a few feet away from me.
    She’s been trying to get her light power—we don’t even know what to call it so we went with generic—to work. Kenly has yelled at her, called her names, anything to make her angry. She even said some things about Xavier, but I could tell it killed Kenly to say them and Zara got angry, but not enough for any light shows.
    “I think we need a break,” Kenly says, exasperated.
    And I agree with her. We are getting nowhere. Kenly has tried on both Zara and me to get us to do stupid shit by just telling us. We laughed a lot, but that’s as far as anything went.
    “We need to figure out what our trigger is,” I state the obvious. “Who can we talk to, to find out?”
    Both Zara and Kenly look at each other. “Marvin,” they state in unison.
    “But aren’t your grandmothers going to see him?”
    “Yes, and they’re probably still there,” Zara says, setting her feet on the ground and rising. “I think we should go over with them. See if he can get more when we are all together.”
    Kenly and I rise also. “Agreed,” we say simultaneously, and smile. The smile dies when a huge explosion rocks us. The three of us put our hands over our heads, ducking to the ground and having no idea what the hell we are protecting ourselves from.
    Are you okay? I hear Thor through our link.
    I think so. I scan the group. “Everyone okay?” Both the females come out from under their hands, shock deep on their faces.
    “Yeah,” Zara says, brushing her jeans off from the grass, dust and debris scattering around.
    “Holy shit,” Kenly says, and I look in her direction then up to where she is focused.
    The large waterfall that I have to say lit up the

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