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Authors: Jenny B Jones
Tags: Christian/Fiction
Truman life, her daughter seems to cling to the drama of Manhattan.”
    The steak becomes a tasteless wad in my mouth. I spit it out into my napkin and zone in to the nightmare unfolding on the television. I scoot closer to Luke to get a better look.
    “Suffering a bad breakup when her boyfriend hooked up with her best friend, Bella found solace in the simple life of Truman, Oklahoma. Or did she?”
    Video footage rolls of me at Dolly’s farm. Me with my head under Sundance’s tail, getting sprayed down in horse pee. Me dumping over the wheelbarrow of poop. Me screaming at dumping over the wheelbarrow of poop.
    Budge and Robbie laugh until I can hardly hear the TV.
    “I had no idea anyone saw that,” I mumble. “Especially cameras.” And my mom hasn’t totally adapted to Oklahoma life either. Yesterday she sat at her computer and stared at a Valentino dress for forty-five minutes.
    “ Recently Bella Kirkwood’s ex-boyfriend has returned to her life. Sources say he could be seriously ill and is searching for forgiveness . . .”
    There I am, head-to-head with Hunter at Starbucks in Manhattan.
    “ . . . or is the young couple searching for something more?”
    My dad’s front steps. Me wrapped in Hunter’s arms. It was such a simple hug, but the photo makes it look like . . . so much more.
    Beside me I feel Luke stiffen. I steal a glance at his face, but it reveals nothing.
    I grab Luke’s plate and stand. “This is ridiculous. Those cameras—they’re everywhere. I had no idea!” I feel so violated. So exposed. So Lindsay Lohan’d. “This isn’t fair. Can’t we do something about this?”
    Mom slowly shakes her blonde head. “We knew this would be intrusive, Bella. We talked about this. We agreed as a family.”
    “I thought they’d intrude on him .” I point to Jake. “My life is one big tabloid now. This is crazy. Everyone knows my business. I feel like an Olsen twin!” I step over Robbie and his cape on the floor and take the plates to the sink.
    I have to get out of here. I need some air. Some space.
    Some Ben & Jerry’s.

chapter twelve
    A fter pulling Mom aside and assuring her I will be home by ten-thirtyish, I sneak out the back door and hop into the Bug.
    I turn the key. And nothing.
    “Come on. I don’t have time to charge the battery. You can do it.” I pat the car’s dash in case she needs a boost of encouragement. I know sometimes I do.
    I try a few more times, but the car is deader than my career as a horse groomer.
    I jump at the knock on my window. Luke stands there with his arms crossed and that infuriating smile.
    “Going somewhere?”
    “Nowhere important. Just have to run an errand.”
    “Would this errand be in Tulsa?”
    “Sorry!” I tap on the glass. “Can’t hear you! You should probably go back in and take some more notes.”
    “Car won’t start again?”
    I roll down the window and feel the frigid December wind whoosh in. “No offense, but you’re starting to annoy me.”
    He casually reclines against the car. “Face it. You need a ride.”
    “I don’t need anything from you, Sullivan.” I twist the key in vain. “How did you know I was going to Tulsa?”
    “I have my ways.” He dangles his keys from one finger. “We can stop at the Truman Dairy Barn on our way out of town.”
    “Like I’d be that weak.” I’m sure.
    “Double scoops?”
    “Let’s go.”
    Luke knocks on the door of apartment 15B. A middle-aged man with three days’ worth of stubble answers.
    “For the last time, I don’t want any Avon.”
    I turn my head and laugh into my coat. Luke selling Skin-SoSoft. That’s a good one.
    I nudge Luke out of the way and step into the light. “Mr. Smith?”
    “We go to Truman High School. We were in the neighborhood and wanted to see Victoria.”
    “Make it snappy. CSI is coming on.” He holds the door open. “Victoria! You got company!” He stomps down a small hall and shuts himself in another room.
    When Victoria joins us

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